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The Art of Travel and Photography. The goals of travel and photography are one in the same, to explore the world and experience it with a fresh vision. Strabo Tours in association with Scottish Tour Guide, Sandy Stevenson are dedicated to enriching your life, helping you see the world with new eyes, and creating images that express your unique experience to others.

A photograph is ultimately a reflection of the photographer’s own interests, insight and involvement. Both photography and travel can promote intercultural understanding and help preserve the natural environment. Like photography, travel is best when it is unobtrusive, when the traditions, feelings and privacy of others are respected, and natural habitats left undisturbed.

About Strabo Tours
Strabo Tours offers travel adventures by outstanding professional photographers, educational institutions, and other organizations that are dedicated to the pursuit of photographic excellence.

Travel Designed by Photographers
The pace of our trips in Scotland s carefully planned, and locations have been well researched and scouted. Good planning is the key, but serendipity provides one of the great pleasures of both photography and travel. We’re flexible enough to take advantage of unexpected opportunities along the way.

….and for Photographers
Our trips are designed for anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age, skill level, or amount of equipment. Our tours are not workshops, they are journeys of discovery that take you to great photographic locations, with wonderful opportunities for informal, hands-on learning. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer our leaders are there to help you bring back great images.

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Tour Scotland Photography Tours
Photography Tours Of Scotland
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Photography Scotland
Photography Scotland Tours
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