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Irish SonIrish Son This is one of the best albums I have heard for a while. Every track is worth listening to - the lyrics are strong, bordering between sweet and poignant, to raw and deeply moving. Brian McFadden has produced a terrific album here and I hope we see more from this talented singer and songwriter. Go buy it, you won't regret it!

The ScatteringThe Scattering Davey Arthur and The Fureys at their best. This collection of songs reflect the sadness of the effects of emigration on the Irish. Beautiful melodies, haunting pipes and great love songs with lyrics to match.

Chris De BurghBest Moves This album follows on in a proud tradition of music which speaks very deeply about the human condition. Chris's lyrics bring outstanding wisdom to our troubled times. Also, his ability to move the soul with his soaring soundscapes is beyond comparison. Many people fail to see the genuis of Chris De Burgh. Only many years after he has gone may his contribution to music be fully appreciated. All of his tracks, right from the first one through to all the rest, exude brilliance in almost dizzying quantities. This man truly does not know his own strength! If you are planning to pass up this album, shame on you! Best Irish Music.

How To Dismantle An Atomic BombHow To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Only U2 could make an album this good after 25 years. Most bands would have lost their creative drive long ago. This album could just be U2's best 'album'. Every song here is great and hits the four stars mark with over half the album getting five stars.

Irish HeartbeatIrish Heartbeat This album combines the incredible vocals of Van Morrison with the superb instrumentalism of the Chieftains to produce a unique combination. Van adds his distinctive style to a selection of classic Irish folk numbers. He also includes a couple of his own Celtic style songs. Even if you think you don't like Irish Folk you should give this a listen and your mind could be changed. Raglan Road is beautifully sung and would move anybody. The rendition of Carrickfergus is the best I have heard anywhere. These slow numbers are interspersed with more upbeat classics to produce a fine album which I have been listening to for years without getting bored. I only wish Van would team up with the Chieftians again to produce another one of these. Best Irish Music.

Shadows on StoneShadows on Stone Matt Molloy is widely heralded as one of the master irish flute players and this shows why. Matt Molloy likes to play traditional, eschewing the sonic fireworks of Niall Keegan or the experimentation of Mike McGoldrick, yet his mastery is undeniable. Molloy puts a tangible emotion into his playing of the great tunes selected here and the result is impeccable.

BBC Live in Concert With The Bothy Band. This is an album that typifies everthying great about irish music, there are great tunes, legendary musicians, seemless changes of mood, it's an album that will make you get up and dance. Everyone should have a copy of this cd.

The Tain Horslips. If you enjoy Irish folk I recommened this to you. If you enjoy rock I recommened this to you. If you enjoy music in general, I still recommened it to you. It's that good. Best Irish Music.

Otherworld Taking their name from an ancient Celtic harvest festival, Lúnasa are a dream team of Irish musicians whose thrilling groove is found courtesy of former members of the Waterboys and Sharon Shannon's band, on cello, bowed upright bass, and acoustic guitar. Melodies, poignant and frolicsome, soar on the exceptional wings of fiddle, flute, whistles, and Uilleann pipes. From the belly of Celtic tradition, the quartet radiates outward, incorporating elements of jazz improvisation as it swings low and wide, high and tight, delving into each piece's unique rhythmic pulse.

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