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The Ultimate Border CollieThe Ultimate Border Collie The Border Collie is one of the most fascinating of breeds, and it now has an enthusiastic following worldwide. The combination of its strong instinctive behaviour, its quick wits and intelligence have proved a challenge to many a dog owner, and the rewards of training a Border Collie to the height of its powers are tremendous. This is a breed which is still highly-prized as a working sheepdog, it excels in the disciplines of Competitive Obedience, Agility, Flyball, and Working Tests, and it is becoming increasingly valued as an assistance dog, working with the deaf, the disabled, and the blind. Bred first and foremost for its working ability, the Border Collie is also blessed with dinstinctive good looks, and is now making its mark in the show ring. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Border Collie is a loving and affectionate companion dog.

Harford Logan and His Border ColliesOver the Hills and Far Away: The Escapades and Winning Ways of Harford Logan and His Border Collies The escapades and winning ways of legendary sheepdog handler, Harford Logan, are recalled in a very vivd and humourous manner. A fascinating memoir and easy read which harmoniously strikes a balance to satisfy both the novice and enthusiast.

Border Collie Sheepdogs Off DutyBorder Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty [2005] Imagine up to twenty sheepdogs and border collie puppies racing through fields, woods and bridleways, over styles, swimming, digging, exploring, playing together, spending a day by the sea, and Mel shooting a Sega Ad whilst nursing a litter of pups! Now capture the fast action, hilarious antics and delightful puppy scenes, with stunning video photography. Set it to 18 powerful, inspiring and varied music tracks which fit the scenes perfectly, then add a delightful slideshow of 32 photographs by acclaimed sheepdog photographer Andy Nickless. The result is a unique movie showing the dogs and puppies relaxing together in ways the average pet owner never sees. Border Collie Sheepdogs, Off Duty! is a great gift for all dog lovers and children.

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