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Braveheart From Hollywood to HolyroodBraveheart: From Hollywood to Holyrood Braveheart had a part to play in the political change in Scotland with the return of the Scottish Parliament after a gap of 300 years, and was described as 'the most politically influential movie of the 20th century'. 'Better the pen than the sword' said Randall Wallace on being asked how it felt to be partly responsible for the freedom of a nation following the Devolution Referendum. This is the first book on the movie and approaches the life and legacy of William Wallace by way of the modern image of the hero presented in the movie. Key Features: Written with the co-operation of Randall Wallace who wrote the screenplay and novelisation of Braveheart; Never before published photographs; Great Scottish Book of the Month potential; Huge international interest Who will buy this book? Those interested in William Wallace and heroes; The millions of Braveheart fans.

Braveheart For ChildrenBraveheart (Penguin Readers: Level 3 S.) Braveheart is the true story of William Wallace, who led the Scottish people to fight for the country they loved. "Penguin Readers" is a series of simplified novels, film novelizations and original titles that introduce students at all levels to the pleasures of reading in English. Originally designed for teaching English as a foreign language, the series' combination of high interest level and low reading age makes it suitable for both English-speaking teenagers with limited reading skills and students of English as a second language. Many titles in the series also provide access to the pre-20th century literature strands of the National Curriculum English Orders. "Penguin Readers" are graded at seven levels of difficulty, from "Easystarts" with a 200-word vocabulary, to Level 6 (Advanced) with a 3000-word vocabulary. In addition, titles fall into one of three sub-categories: "Contemporary", "Classics" or "Originals". At the end of each book there is a section of enjoyable exercises focusing on vocabulary building, comprehension, discussion and writing. Some titles in the series are available with an accompanying audio cassette, or in a book and cassette pack. Additionally, selected titles have free accompanying "Penguin Readers Factsheets" which provide stimulating exercise material for students, as well as suggestions for teachers on how to exploit the Readers in class. Braveheart.

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