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Scottish Cooking, Broth

One runner of beef or a good fresh marrow bone, which
makes as good broth as either beef or mutton, 5 quarts
cold water, 1 cupful well-washed pearl barley. When
water is hot, put in beef and barley, and salt to taste; skim well; chop up six Brussels sprouts, 1 small cabbage or savoy, I small head of curley greens, and 3 leeks;
cut in dice 1 good slice of swede turnip and 1 carrot; put
in other 2 slices of turnip whole, and mash well afterwards as a vegetable. Let the broth boil for a few minutes after vegetables are added with lid off. Cook thoroughly and slowly, and skim now and again; attention to this makes such a difference to flavour. Boil 3 hours, taking meat out when cooked 2 hours, and re-heating at the last. Then 15 minutes before ready add I carrot grated and a good tablespoonful minced parsley. Lift meat on to a hot dish, and serve with a little broth round it. (If broth is for persons of weak digestion, scald vegetables before adding to broth by covering them for 10 minutes with boiling water.)
S. W. R. I. Cookery Book
(1950 edition)

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