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Robert Burns

Burns Supper

Cock a leekie
For six.

6 chicken pieces
4 leeks
1 carrot
trimmings from turnips (see Haggis recipe)
chicken stock

Cut off green leaves of leeks. Peel carrote. Boil leek greens and carrot peelings and turnip trimmings in large pan of boiling water for twenty minutes. Pour into another pan through sieve. Add chicken pieces, sliced leekss (white bits), sliced carrot, salt and pepper and
cook for 1hr. Serve in bowls with 1 piece per person.

For 12 people

2 sheep's paunches (stomach bag)
1 ox heart
1.5 lb ox liver
1 lb lamb stewing meat
5 teaspoons black pepper
6 small chopped onions
1 lb steel cut oats
0.5 lb beef suet
mixed herbs (Thyme Sage, Basil)

Wash the paunch well and soak in cold brine for 2-3hrs. Turn it inside out and scrape with a knife. Boil the meat for 1.5hrs. Sew up the paunch with very fine string leaving a hole big enough to fill with stuffing. Chop the meat finely and mince in mixer. Dump in large mixing
bowl and add pepper, mixed herbs, onions, suet and oats. Mix well and fill the paunch two thirds full with the mixture. Sew up remainder of panch. Boil in water for 3 hours. When bag becomes tight, prick all over with a sharp needle (not a knife). Remove from the pan and place on a hotplate. Move it to the table.
To serve, slit open and serve with mashed potatoes and mashed turnip and blended whisky.


1 pt whipping cream
1 lb cream cheese (we used Mascarpone)
250 g honey
1-2 lb raspberries/Blackberries/Boysenberries
0.5 lb steel cut oats
1 bottle whisky

Toast oats in oven till dry and just beginning to brown. Whip cream. Mix 50:50 cream and mascarpone. Add a large shot of whisky and tablespoon honey to taste.

Two ways to serve:

Put bowls of Crowdie (cream, cheese, honey & whisky), berries, whisky bottle, honey jar and oats on tables and everyone helps themselves.

Put oats in bottom of a glass. Add more whisky and honey to crowdie and pour over oats. Pour Berries on top. Serve.

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