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Caithness Quotations

‘Good Morning, Landlady,’ said Mr Innes: ‘we have a
good mind to take Breakfast here if you can give us Tea?’
She answered very briskly, ‘Pray, Sir, what kind of Tea
do you desire to have?’ Looking about to me, he winked,
and said, ‘That’s so far good, and promises well. Well,
good woman, what kind of tea can you give us?’ ‘Why,
Sir, I can give you Green-Tea, Bohea-Tea, or Coffee.’
‘Upon my Word, that is good sense truly,’ said Mr Innes.
‘Come, let us alight, and get a good Breakfast even in the
Wilds of Caithness.’ And, indeed, this surprised us all
greatly, and proved an agreeable Disappointment to us,
particularly to myself, as I had been advised, yea,
importuned by some, before setting out, to take. . . some
good Bread, along with me, when entering into Caithness, being so poor and despicable a Country that I could have no good thing to eat in it.
Robert Forbes

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