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Clan Forbes

Clan Forbes

Septs and Spelling Variations of the Clan Forbes:
Wat, Wat, Wath, Wathes, Wats, Watt, Watthes, Wattie, Watts, Watty, Wattys, Watys, Waddhes, Waddts, Waddtys, Wadhes, Wadtys, Vatt, Quat, Quatt, Quattie, Ouat, Ouatt, Middelton, Middleton, Midleton, Meldram, Meldrolm, Meldrom, Meldromb, Meldrombe, Meldrome, Meldrone, Meldroom, Meldroomb, Meldroombe, Meldrown, Meldrum, Meldrume, McWha, McVat, McVatt, McWalter, McWalters, McWater, McWaters, McWats, McWatter, McWatters, McWatts, MacWalter, MacWalters, MacWaters, MacWats, MacWatter, MacWatters, MacWatts, Macwha, MacVat, MacVatt, Macowat, MacCowatt, Lumisdan, Lumisdand, Lumisdane, Lumisdant, Lumisden, Lumisdend, Lumisdent, Lumisdind, Lumisdint, Lumisdyn, Lumisdynd, Lummisdan, Lummisdand, Lummisdane, Lummisdant, Lummisden, Lummisdend, Lummisdent, Lummisdind, Lummisdint, Lummisdyn, Lummisdynd, Lummsdaine, Lummsdaing, Lummsdaink, Lumsdaine, Lumsdan, Lumsdand, Lumsdane, Lumsdant, Lumsden, Lumsdend, Lumsdent, Lumsdind, Lumsdint, Lumsdon, Lumsdyn, Lumsdynd, Lamestone, Lammestolm, Lammestom, Lammestomb, Lammestombe, Lammestome, Lammestone, Lammestoom, Lammestoomb, Lammestoombe, Lammestown, Lammestum, Lammestume, Forb, Forbass, Forbe, Forbeis, Forbes, Forbess, Forbiss, Forbose, Forbs, Fordyce, Bust, Boyce, Boyes, Boys, Boyse, Boze, Boost, Bost, Boughes, Boast, Boice, Bois, Boise, Birrey, Berrey, Berrie, Berry, Bery, Benerman, Bennerghan, Bennerham, Bennerhan, Bennerman, Bennermand, Bennermane, Bennermant, Bennermen, Bennermend, Bennerment, Bennermind, Bennermint, Bennermyn, Bennermynd, Berey, Baynerghan, Baynerham, Baynerhan, Baynermain, Baynerman, Baynermand, Baynermane, Baynermant, Baynermen, Baynermend, Baynerment, Baynermind, Baynermint, Baynermyn, Baynermynd, Banmynd, Bannaghan, Bannaham, Bannahan, Bannaman, Bannamand, Bannamane, Bannamant, Bannamen, Bannamend, Bannament, Bannamind, Bannamint, Bannamyn, Bannamynd, Bannerghan, Bannerham, Bannerhan, Bannermain, Bannerman, Bannermand, Bannermane, Bannermant, Bannermen, Bannermend, Bannerment, Bannermind, Bannermint, Bannermyn, Bannermynd, Banaman, Banerghan, Banerham, Banerhan, Banermain, Banerman, Banermand, Banermane, Banermant, Banermen, Banermend, Banerment, Banermind, Banermint, Banermyn, Banermynd, Banghan, Banhan, Banman, Banmand, Banmane, Banmant, Banmen, Banmend, Banment, Banmind, Banmint, Banmyn, Bainerghan, Bainerham, Bainerhan, Bainermain, Bainerman, Bainermand, Bainermane, Bainermant, Bainermen, Bainermend, Bainerment, Bainermind, Bainermint, Bainermyn, Bainermynd

A stag's head, proper

Grace me guide

Grace me guide



Place name, Aberdeenshire

Lonach (a mountain in Strathdon)

The Battle Cry of Eurann

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