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Clan MacArthur

Clan MacArthur

The Macarthurs come from an ancient Celtic origin making them one of the oldest clans in Scotland. The only certainty about the origin of the clan is that they are one of the oldest families in Argyll. The clan is thought to be from Clan Campbell for which the Macarthur branch of the family served as chiefs until the 15th century. Through time, the Macarthurs spread to new territories; one of the most famous branches of the family are the Macarthurs who settled in Skye. They also settled in Islay as armourers for the Macdonalds of Islay. The late 1400s saw two branches of the Macarthurs coming to prominence at the same time around Loch Awe. Their influence diminished however when John Macarthur was executed on the orders of James I which saw all of his lands being forfeited to the Crown. The second half of the 16th century saw the Macarthurs acquiring more land and achieving more influence to the point where the neighbours of the Macarthurs felt threatened. In 1567, during a fight, Duncan Macarthur and his son were drowned in Loch Awe. The influence of the clan travelled beyond Scotland when Colonel John Macarthur was appointed as the military deputy governor of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. John Macarthur was famous when he went to New South Wales with the 102nd Regiment and became commandant at Parramatta until 1804. He is thought to have established the foundations of the Australian wool industry by bringing Bengal and Irish sheep to the district as well as going on to introduce Merino from South Africa. Among the famous Macarthurs in America are Arthur who fought in the American Civil War and became a lieutenant general in the U.S. army. In 1991 James Macarthur of Milton was appointed as the commander of the Macarthurs by the Lord Lyon which means they are not currently represented on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

Septs of Clans: Arthur, MacArtair, Mc Arthure, mc arthur, Macarthur, Makarturicht, Maccaiter, Makkerthrye, M'Carthur, Maccarter, M'Erthir, Mc Harter, M'Arthur, Makarthure, M'Carthair, M'Artour, M'Carthour, McCarthair, M'Artoure, M'Arthor, M'Arthou,r M'Carter, M'Airthour, M'Cairter, M'Kartur, VcHarter, McKerter, MacArtur, McKairtour, M'Cairtter, McAtur, Makcairtour, Mackartar, MacArter, McCartur, Mcerter, McArter, M"Cartour, Maccart, McArtor, M'Arthure, mcArther, Makarta, M'Cartur, mcArthour, Magarta, M'Arthur, McArther, Mecarta, McArta, mcArto,r MacArta, MacAtair, McCartor, Carter, MacArtar, mcArthor, Cartter, McAuthur, McArtair, Makarthour, MacArther, McArthur, MacArtor, McArther, McArthur, McCarter, MacArthur, Mcarthur, McArthor, McArthur, Mcarthor, MacArthor, McArtour, Mcartur.

Motto: Fide et Opera (By fidelity and work)

Badge: Fir Club Moss

Lands: Argyll, Cowal, Skye

Origin of Name: Son of Arthur

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