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Clan Shaw

Clan Shaw

Shaw Macduff, a younger son of Duncan, Earl, or Thane of Fife and a descendent of Kenneth Macalpine, rode north with his royal cousin, Malcolm IV, in response to a rising in Moray. Shaw was made keeper of the strategic royal castle at Inverness. His heirs, the ?Mhic an Toiseach?, the ?sons of the Thane?, consolidated their power around Inverness in support of the royal government. Shaw?s grandson, Shaw Macwilliam, acquired important lands at Rothiemurchus in 1236. Beset by the belligerent power of their neighbours, Clan Comyn, his son, Ferquhard, sought alliance with the powerful Macdonalds by marrying Mora, daughter of Angus Mhor, Lord of Islay. In 1291, Ferquhard?s son, Angus, sixth chief of Mackintosh, married Eva, daughter of Dougall Dall, the descendent of Ghillechattan Mhor. From this union emerged the large tribal confederation to be known as the Clan Chattan and the first chief of Clan Shaw, John, Angus and Eva?s second son. The feud with the Comyns led the confederation to support Robert the Bruce; they fought at Bannockburn in 1314 and took part in the Scottish invasions of England in 1318 and 1319. The second chief, Shaw Macghillechrist Mhic lain, a great-grandson of Angus and Eva, was generally known as ?Sgorfhiaclach? meaning ?bucktooth?. He was raised with his cousins at the Mackintosh seat at Moy, and it seems certain that he was present at the Battle of Invernahavon in 1370. While the Shaws, or Clan Ay, were consolidating their power in Strathnairn, the chief of Mackintosh was murdered in 1524, leaving an infant son, William. To the outrage of the local chiefs, the Earl of Moray seized the boy, allegedly as his guardian. Clan Chattan retaliated against Moray, and Alan Ciar Maclain led Clan Ay in raiding the earl?s lands. Heavy fines forced Alan Ciar to sell the feu of Rothiemurchus to the Earl of Huntly. In 1970, the Lord Lyon recognised Major lain Shaw of Tordarroch, father of the present chief, in the undifferenced arms of the name, in a line of unbroken continuity to the ancient earls of Fife.

Septs of Clans: MacAy, MacHay, Seath, Seth, Shaw, Sheach, Shiach.

Names associated with the clan: Adamson Adamsone Ademson Ademsoun Ademsoune Aesone Aison Aissone Aissoun Aissoune Asson Assone Aue Ave Ay Aye Ayesone Ayson Aysone Aysoun Ayssoun Eason Easone Easson Esson Ison Isone MacAy Saythe Scaith Scayth Schau Schaw Schawe Scheoch Scheok Schiach Schioch Schioche Seah Seath Seith Seth Sha Shau Shaw Shawe Shay Sheach Sheath Sheehan Sheoch Shiach Siache Sith Sithach Sithech Sithig Skaith Sythach Sythag Sythock Tordarroch

Gaelic Name: Mac Ghille Sheathanaich

Motto: "Fide et fortitudine"

Translation: "By fidelity and fortitude"

Badge: Red whortleberry

Lands: Strathspey

Origin of Name: Gaelic, Seaghdha

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