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Country Life in Scotland

Country Life in Scotland

Country Life in Scotland is the updated version of Scottish Country Life, the classic account of rural life in Scotland. Professor Alexander Fenton provides a vivid picture of the way in which the countryside has changed over the past 300 years and the people who changed with it; their ways of working, their tools and equipment, their homes and way of life, and their food. It is a treasurehouse of factual material on rural life as it was lived in the Lowlands and in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland’s past. Professor Emeritus Alexander Fenton, CBE, son of an Aberdeenshire shoemaker and crofter, is the author of many books and articles on Scottish country life. Country Life in Scotland: Our Rural Past.

Kintyre Country Life. A picture of the lives of country folk in Kintyre from the eighteenth century to the early twentieth. It includes accounts of sheep-stealing, New Year's Day shinty battles, and violent encounters between excisemen and the distillers and smugglers of illicit whisky. It is also about the everyday lives of the people; how they worked the land, kept their livestock, built and furnished their homes, prepared food and fuel and celebrated special days. You are transported to the fields, farms, homes and markets of the area, which are evoked through a riot of sights, smells and sounds. The book is illustrated with photographs both collected and taken by the author. A vivid and tangible portrait of a forgotten way of life, Kintyre Country Life examines not only the agricultural techniques employed at the time, but also extends its scope to the more social elements of life such as the leisure activities of Kintyre farm workers and the games played by their children. Kintyre Country Life.

The Cornkister Days: A Portrait of a Land and Its Rituals. With a knowledge and a skill that reveals his passion for the land and its people, David Kerr Cameron picks his way through the rural upheavals and developments of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries towards the landscape we recognise today. In doing so he provides a wide-sweeping and unforgettable view of our rural history and completes his great rural trilogy portraying the old farming landscapes of Scotland's North-east Lowlands.Both nostalgia and great understanding are revealed as the author recalls a society based on the plough, a society that moved 'against the tapestry of the year: 'This was the backcloth against which the farmtoun folk lived out their days; its seasons and rituals governed their lives, and ultimately their destinies. Here now is that story, the story of a landscape all but lost before the onward march of agri-business and agri-technology'. The days recalled are the days of the Clydesdale horse and the hired man, the cottar and crofter, the farmtoun tenant and his laird. The Cornkister Days: A Portrait of a Land and Its Rituals (Scottish Rural Life 3).

Willie Gavin, Crofter Man: Portrait of a Vanished Lifestyle. Recreates a crofting community through the life of Willie Gavin. Through his eyes the reader experiences the hardships of life as well as a lighter side: the bonds of friendship; the weddings and the festivals; and the lives of the children. Willie Gavin, Crofter Man: Portrait of a Vanished Lifestyle.

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