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Crieff Meat

The writer of the Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, report contrasts the year 1750, when " little butcher's meat was consumed, and only gentlemen farmers killed their fat cattle ", with the year 1791 when " a great deal of butcher's meat is consumed. " In view of its being one of the large cattle trysts, it is perhaps only to be expected that Crieff should have had ready access to meat:

" There is here a weekly market for all kinds of butcher's meat, poultry, butter, cheese, etc. Of the first article, there is ten times more sold now than 20 years ago; each kind too was then to be got only in its most plentiful season, pork in winter, veal in spring, Iamb early in summer, mutton from the middle of summer to Christmas, beef from Lammas to Candlemas, when it almost totally disappeared for six months. Now that article never fails."

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