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Crowdie Mowdie

The traditional Crowdie or Furag, which was the universal breakfast dish when Scotland stood where it did, was made by pouring cold spring water or fresh butter-milk into finely ground oatmeal, stirring all the time and making the meal as thin as a pancake batter. Then you ate it, usually standing up as there was work to be done immediately afterwards.

Crowdie Mowdie is prepared the night before by putting into ajar a handful of oatmeal, a saltspoonful of salt and a breakfast-cupful of milk for each person, stirring well and covering. In the morning the jar is put into hot water and steamed for two hours or longer. It is, in fact, a sort of milk porridge.

Butter-Crowdie is made with coarse oatmeal (toasted), salt or sugar to taste, and butter fresh from the churn well beaten into the meal.

Cream-Crowdie, a festival dish, is the same, but made with whipped cream instead of the butter. It should be frothy and light and will taste of nuts.

Highland Crowdie is a delicious form of curdled milk. To two parts of ordinary curds made by adding a tablespoonful of rennet to warmed new milk and then letting it stand till cold, add one part of fresh butter. Work them well together, adding salt, and press into a basin. Turn out next day, when it will cut in slices like a cream cheese. Take care that you strain off all the green whey from the milk curds before you add the butter. The whey by itself is good as a summer drink, but must be taken while fresh.

Stapag Uachair. Crowdie Cream. This recipe comes from Trotternish in Skye. It was such a speciality of the area that the MacLeods gave Trotternish the Gaelic name Dutbaich nan Stapag, (land of the Crowdie').

It was a special treat, eaten in times of plenty like harvest time or at a celebration.

1 pt fresh cream (250 ml)   
Caster Sugar
Medium oatmeal, toasted    
Talisker whisky

Beat up the cream till stiff. Usually each person was given a bowl of cream and the oatmeal, whisky and sugar was added according to taste.

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