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Edinburgh Rock

1 lb sugar
8 ozs water
good pinch cream of tartar
flavours and colours; to taste *
* raspberry and pink colouring
lemon and yellow colouring
peppermint and green colouring
vanilla (white)
ginger and coffee (for colour)

Mix the sugar and water in a large pan, allow the sugar to dissolve completely.
Stir the contents of the pan with a spatula, draw it gently from side to side across the base of the pan so that the sugar is prevented from settling in a cake at the bottom.
Immediately the sugar is dissolved, add the cream of tartar, cover and bring to the boil.
When the liquid boils, remove the lid and skim well.
Boil to 126 C (259 F).
Pour out onto an oiled slab. Cool slightly and turn the edges to the centre with an oiled scraper.
Continue like this but avoid stirring.
Directly syrup is cool enough to touch, pour whichever flavour and colour you choose into the middle and continue turning the edges to the middle.
Take it up and pull it quickly and evenly over an oiled candy hook.
Continue until it becomes cloudy and dull.
Do this in a warm kitchen and if it becomes very stiff, re-heat slightly.
Draw out the candy evenly, snip off into lengths with a pair of oiled scissors.
Leave in a warm kitchen for about 24 hours, when the rock will become sugary and 'short' when broken.
Put into a paper-lined airtight tin to store.
The candy must be pulled sufficiently, otherwise it will remain sticky instead of 'short'.

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