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This extravagant dish would be an excellent finish to a heavy festive meal. It is mentioned in Annals of the Cleikum Club (19th century). This rich version of the recipe is from Mrs. Maclver’s Cookery and Pastry-Making 1773, where it is made in one large dish. We suggest it is easier to make in several small dishes.

3 Egg Whites.
1/4 lb Redcurrant Jelly.
2 ounces Castor Sugar
6 Apples
1 Pint Double Cream

Core and halve apples, bake in oven for 20 minutes Gas
Mark 4, 3 50°f, 180°c. Remove pulp and leave to cool, then beat with sugar and 1 egg white until smooth. In a separate bowl, whisk double cream until stiff. Whisk remaining egg whites until firm enough to stand in peaks, fold in redcurrant jelly. Layer as follows: double cream into the bottom of the dish, followed by apples and topped with redcurrant jelly. You may decorate with geranium florets or winter jasmine.

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