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Frontier Scots, The Scots Who Won The West

Frontier Scots

During the nineteenth century thousands of Scots crossed the Atlantic to start a new life in America. Initially settling on the east coast many soon ventured west into the alien landscape of this unexplored frontier. Seeking their fortune in gold, cattle or farming the Scots braved harsh living conditions, hostile environments and difficult journeys over vast distances. Jenni Calder gives an unbiased view of the Scots who were so important to the shaping of American history and the frontier legacy, showing them as heroes and abusers, law makers and law breakers as deserved. Frontier Scots tells the real stories of the men and women who conquered the wild west and how they faced conflict, disease, desperation, political pressures and finally built lasting communities among strangers and far from home. Frontier Scots.


Scots In The USAScots In The USA. The map of the United States is peppered with Scottish place-names and America’s telephone directories are filled with surnames illustrating Scottish ancestry. Increasingly, Americans of Scottish extraction are visiting Scotland in search of their family history. All over Scotland and the United States there are clues to the Scottish-American relationship, the legacy of centuries of trade and communication as well as that of departure and heritage. The experiences of Scottish settlers in the United States varied enormously, as did their attitudes to the lifestyles that they left behind and those that they began anew once they arrived in North America. Scots in the USA discusses why they left Scotland, where they went once they reached the United States, and what they did when they got there. Scots in the USA.

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