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Gaelic Dessert

An easy to make cold sweet with the delectable flavours of whisky, coffee and cream.

150 ml strong cold coffee
3 tablespoons whisky
28 sponge fingers
300 ml double cream whipped cream and chocolate flakes to decorate

Mix the coffee and whisky together in a shallow dish (a soup bowl is ideal). Dip 7sponge fingers in the mixture and arrange these side by side on a serving dish. Whisk the cream to soft peaks and spoon a little over the sponge fingers on the dish, spreading evenly so the sponge is covered. Repeat, until all the coffee and cream is used up, allowing 7 sponge fingers for each layer. Cover and chill overnight. Decorate with piped rosettes of whipped cream or simply spread with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate flakes. Can be frozen (well wrapped) for up to a month.

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