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Hatted Kit

This very old Highland dish was made by milking the cow onto a bowl of warm buttermilk. The following recipe works quite well without a cow, but Highlanders consider that direct milking puts a better 'hat' on the kit. The basis of the dish is a soft-curd cheese which can be served with fruit as a sweet dish.

2 pts buttermilk (1 L)
1 pt milk (500 ml)
3 dsp rennet
2 oz sugar (50 g)
Grated nutmeg to taste
Quarter to a half pt double cream (125-250 ml)

Put the buttermilk and milk into a large pan and heat very gently till it is just blood heat. Remove from the heat and add rennet. Pour into a bowl and leave over-night. By the next day the curd will have formed and separated from the whey. Pour through a fine nylon.

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