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Helensburgh Toffee

This is a more sophisticated and delicate confection, as befits the pretentious of this leisured and wealthy haven sited at a convenient distance from the industrial centres. More like a fudge than a toffee, it has a rich, creamy/flavour and is now one of the most popular
home-made sweeties.

4 oz butter (125 g)
1 pt water or milk (125 g)
2 Ib granulated sugar (1kg)
1 tbsp syrup
7 and a half fl oz tin condensed milk (200 ml)
Vanilla essence
Walnut halves

Put the butter and water into a large pan and heat till the butter is melted. Add sugar and syrup and heat gently till the sugar is dissolved. Do not boil at this stage.
Now add the condensed milk and bring gradually to simmering point. Stir all the time till the temperature reaches 240°F/120°C or until some of the syrup forms a soft ball when tested in a cup of cold water. Remove from the heat, allow to settle and add vanilla essence.
Now the mixture has to be beaten quite vigorously till it changes texture and colour. When it is ready to pour out, it should be slightly lighter in colour. The texture should have changed from smooth to slightly grained. As it begins to grain it gets thicker, so do not wait too long before pouring into a greased baking tin.

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