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Hogmanay Wassail Bowl

Simmer the following spices in a teacupful of water;
Coriander seed

Allowing for each bottle of wine 10 grains of mace, 46 grains of cloves, 37 grains of cardamums, 28 grains of cinnamon, 12 grains of nutmeg, 48 grains of ginger and 49 grains of coriander seed. Add the mixed spices to two, four or six bottles of port, sherry or madeira, allowing one and a half  pounds of loaf sugar (pounded) for 4 bottles, and set all on the fire in a clean bright saucepan; meanwhile have the yolks of 12 and the whites of 6 fresh eggs well whisked up separately and put in the wassail bowl. When the spiced, sugared wine is warm, take out one teacupful at a time till you have a third and add it to the eggs. Add the remaining two-thirds when it comes to the boil, but without letting it actually boil, pouring it in very gradually and whipping all the time to get a good froth, partly mixed through but mainly on the top. When all the wine is in, toss in 12 fine, soft-roasted
apples. Send the whole up hot with a ladle.

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