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James The Good, The Black Douglas, Scotland

James The Good The Black Douglas Scotland

James The Good, The Black Douglas Scotland. James of Douglas rode into battle with Robert the Bruce, nearly captured Edward II after Bannockburn and chased the English out of the Borders. Known as the Good Sir James by the Scots, and the Black Douglas by the English, he was a great warrior in the Scottish Wars of Independence, yet is barely known in his own country today. Seen Hundred years ago, all Scottish castles and strongholds were in the hands of the English. James played an integral role in reinstating Scotland as an independent nation, and his is an incredible story by any standards.

James was a brilliant tactician and champion. He retook Douglas Castle from English forces in such a fearsome manner that it became known as Castle Dangerous, laid siege to Carlisle, and as Warden of the Marches, raided deep into northern England. After the Bruce's death, James took the king's heart on crusade in Spain, where he met his end fighting for the Christian army.

Reconstructs the battles that James fought in, explains how the greatly-outnumbered Scots managed to win the day at Bannockburn, and provides maps of the places where James fought and visited in Scotland, England and Spain. He has uncovered new evidence that explains many things previously unknown about the life of the remarkable Black Douglas. James the Good: The Black Douglas.

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