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Kingdom of Fife Folklore

Who was the most evil Fifer of all time? How did a dead horse kill a king? What happened when a Dunfermline housewife argued with a witch? Where could the ‘funeral of ghosts’ be seen? Who were the Pechs? Why did brides live in terror of a castle owner?

These are just some of the many questions answered in “Strange Tales of Bygone Fife”. This is a web reprint of the most interesting stories from “County Folklore: Fife” by John Simpkins which was published by the Folklore Society in 1912.

The web pages of this site are packed with many spine-chilling and unusual yarns. You can find out about: the horror happenings after some old bones were left in a Burntisland house; the monster baby who became a saint; the dead woman who came back to life; the witch that wouldn’t die at the stake; a church steeple’s grim secret; a piper who couldn’t stop playing and the family who couldn’t stop dancing; the death curse on a castle’s owners; the dinner party where phantoms were the guests; and so on.

Old customs and superstitions are examined. We are told that fishermen would never dream of lending salt to their neighbours —why?; That the clothes of a new born baby were always passed through the smoke of a fire —why?; That the Isle of May had a special place in the hearts of women who couldn’t have babies — why?; That St. Monans folk hated and feared the humble pig — why? For all the answers and the key to the magical mysteries of this ancient kingdom — read on!

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