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Edinburgh and Lothians (Ordnance Survey... This Pathfinder guide covers Scotland's beautiful capital city and the surrounding area - a region of varying landscapes, which includes coastline, moorland, rural countryside which is reminiscent of the gentle scenery of the Borders, and hillwalks that afford fantastic views. The 28 walks in this title will enable the walker to enjoy the very best of the Lothian region, from the charming stroll through Edinburgh's Old and New Towns and the bracing ascent of Arthur's Seat, to North Berwick Law, with its fine views over the Bass Rock and the Firth of Forth to the idyllic River Almond. The routes feature many of the most exciting and unusual historical and geological highlights of the area, the Lammermuir Hills, Roslin Glen, Gamalshiel Castle, the Pentland Ridge and the Forth Bridges. Each walk is devised with an easy-to-follow route description, fascinating background and historical detail and recommendations for points of interest and highlights.

Edinburgh and Lothians Holy Corners

Edinburgh and Lothians Holy Corners This is a local search for God in the holy places of Edinburgh and Lothians. The first section deals with the past, touring the stones, statues, spires, churches and ancient monuments which crowd the city and its surroundingss. It is an appreciation of the people whose collective efforts over the centuries have moulded the spiritual heritage of the Lothians of Scotland today, the women and men of faith, the city fathers, the architects and the artists, the saints and even the sinners.

Let's Explore Berwick-upon-Tweed

Let's Explore Berwick-upon-Tweed: No. 2... Enjoy exploring Berwick with the help of this guide. See the quayside, then search for the hidden and creepy Sallyport. Take a tour of the Town Hall and test your strength lifting the iron keys and chains in the old top floor gaol. Walk round the famous 400 year old walls or visit a farm trail and see the animals. You can read about local strongman, Jimmy Strength, and find out why the town built special houses for ice. And what were the Berwick Waits waiting for? All the family can try the Quick Quiz questions and the Twenty Questions page (all the answers are given). And there's a list of other places to visit, all close to Berwick.

Edinburgh, Lothians and the Borders... This work is part of the "Exploring Scotland's Heritage" series which provides an introduction to the archaeological heritage of Scotland. Each book tells the story of one part of Scotland, tracing human impressions on the landscape from World War II relics back to the earliest pioneer days of settlement. The details are filled in by a gazetteer of interesting and well-preserved monuments. This volume looks at the Edinburgh, Lothian and Border regions, examining their heritage which reflects their economic and political importance for over 5000 years. There are many forts, castles and Border abbeys, with royal palaces contrasting with modest dovecotes and market crosses.

North Berwick Witches

Witchcraft in Early Modern Scotland:... James' VI's Demonology and the North Berwick Witches. King James' treatise was written at a period of dramatic change in Scottish witchcraft and after a period of intense prosecution in Scotland. It was republished in England in the year of James' accession to the English throne. This book offers a modernized, glossed and fully annotated edition of the "Daemonologie", the pamphlet "Newes from Scotland" and of manuscript material related to the trials of the North Berwick witches not available previously on print or only in early 19th-century editions. A substantial introduction reviews the importance of the trials in the last decade of the 16th century in Scotland, places them in the context of Renaissance thought and culture, and locates the King's treatise in the context of the contemporary demonological discussion to which the "Daemonologie" provided a useful introduction. Full annotations are provided.

Children of the Sea

Children of the Sea: The Story of the... People of Eyemouth. An enthralling account of the neglected story of disaster, courage, and determination which took placxe in the town of Eyemouth during the 19the century. Historians, genealogists, and anyone who enjoys a good read will enjoy and learn from this wonderful book.

Short Walks in and Around... Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

History of Berwick - Upon - Tweed and....

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