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Scottish Cooking, Marmalade

Marmalade was a favourite dish of Mary Queen of Scots,
who spent part of each year from 1561 to 1565 at the Royal Palace of Falkland with her court playing the country girl in its parks and woods. This recipe is a traditional one and is easily made.

12 Seville oranges

Quarter the oranges and remove pips and core. Cut very
thin, weigh, and to each 1 lb of pulp and rind add 3 pints of cold water. Put pips separately in basin of water for 24 hours. Then tie pips in muslin bag. Add water in when pips are soaked and bag of pips to oranges and boil together for one hour. Remove bag of pips and leave
mixture for further 24 hours. Weigh again and add 1 1/4 sugar to each 1 lb pulp. Boil again with pips for approximately one hour. Skin carefully and if darker colour is required boil a little longer and quicker.

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