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Methil Parish Church

The Fabric of Methil Parish Church Building

Few Parish Churches today can exhibit a wealth of historical and ecclesiastical tradition interpreted through symbolism, says Mr William Reid, M.A., FEIS, in the second of his articles showing the close continuity in traditional story, both ecclesiastical and historical, about our area. The present Methil Parish Church was consecrated in 1926, possibly the last Parish Church to be built before the Church Union of 1929.

The architect was a Roman Catholic, Mr Fairlie, a man, according to his biographer, with a profound knowledge of Celtic culture, of monastic architecture, and with a deep sensitivity for what was appropriate and fitting with professional skill in relating the past to the present through ecclesiastical continuity. He was well aware of the origin of 'Methkyl' from Culdee cave, through monastic establishment in stone from the 13th century, with Norman influences, through the Roman Catholic period until the Reformation and then the Protestant spell with its various parting or schisms. How best could he incorporate that story in stone, lime and furnishings? Read more about Methil Parish Church.

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