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Mussel Brose

Scrape well the shells and wash in several waters, leaving under the tap in a colander till the water runs clear. Then steep for two hours. When drained out put them in a closely covered iron saucepan and shake over the fire till the shells open. Remove at once, strain the liquor off into a basin, and take the mussels out of the shells, throwing away the beards and black parts. Put on the liquor to boil with milk and water or stock made from uncooked fish bones or fresh fish.

When this boils, add the mussels and go on boiling, but not for longer than ten minutes. Toast a handful or so of oatmeal and mix with it some of the boiling bree, as with Kail Brose, put the knotted oatmeal into the soup, and when well heated through serve very hot.

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