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Scottish Cooking, Old Highland Recipe

The original recipe, from Balmacara, opposite the Isle of
Skye, recaptures much of the simplcity of life in the
Highlands before the advent of bottled milk and sliced
bread. It required one to carry the bowl to the side of the cow and milk a pint of warm milk into it. The dish is
delicious as ever today, but you can now make it without
the necessity of being able to milk the cow.

1 pint milk
2 teaspoons rennet
1/2 pint double cream
2 tablespoons soft brown sugar

Warm the milk and add the rennet. When set, lift the curd on to a sieve and press the whey through until the curd is quite stiff. Flavour the curd with the sugar and nutmeg. Whip up the cream adding the remaining sugar and more nutmeg and combine with the curd. Grate a
little nutmeg over the top.

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