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The Lanarkshire reports in the Statistical Account are particularly illuminating. In that for Carluke, Scotland, we read that " fruit abounds more in the parish, than anywhere in the Clyde, or even in Scotland. "

The orchards do not, however, appear to have enjoyed unqualified success. " There are a good many little orchards," reads the entry for Hamilton, 'producing apples, pears, plums and cherries. In good seasons, they bear very good and well-flavoured fruit, but there is scarcely one year in three, in which the orchards turn to good account. Considerable quantities of gooseberries and currants, produced here, are sent to the Glasgow market. "

As far north as the Carse of Gowrie, too, the orchards were reaching their peak of productivity during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, although sadly they declined thereafter, due, it has been claimed, to insufficient attention to their cultivation.

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