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Scottish Cooking Pickled Eggs

Before the 19th century eggs were neither plentiful nor
cheap. They were often used by small tenants to pay the
rent, thus they became part of the regular diet of landlords and the wealthier classes. Pickling in vinegar became popular as an alternative to salt, when a salt tax made this method expensive. Pickled eggs take on a delightful shade of pink when boiled with beetroot and will give your summer salad an interesting touch of colour.

6 Eggs.
1/4 ounce Crushed Ginger.
1 Pint White Wine Vinegar.
6 Slices Beetroot
1/4 ounce Jamaica Pepper

Boil eggs for 12 minutes, dip in cold water and remove
shells. Boil vinegar for 15 minutes with pepper, ginger and slices of beetroot. Add eggs and boil gently for another 8 minutes. Remove eggs and place in stoneware or glass jars with a slice of beetroot laid on each. Cover with vinegar and spices. Cover with a tight fitting lid and lay aside for 4 days before serving.

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