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Boyhood on RhumBare Feet and Tackety Boots: Boyhood on Rhum In this text, the last survivor of those who were born and raised on the island of Rhum before World War I presents a social history and personal anecdote of a way of life gone not long ago but already almost forgotten.

The Island of RhumThe Island of Rhum: A Guide for Walkers, Climbers and Visitors This is a guide for walkers, climbers and visitors. It departs from most climbing guides by giving information on a range of topics. Rhum, being an important National Nature Reserve is different (and finer) than most areas where we perform our rock antics, and as such should appeal to a greater range of visitors. The Inner Hebridean Island of Rhum is still an island of mystery to many people, perhaps because the memory still lingers of former landed gentry, who discouraged visitors by every means possible. It is an island which delightfully combines interest for both climber and naturalist.

RhumRum: Island of Deer The human story of the island of Rum, both in the tragedy of the clearance and in the interlude of the Bullogh period when the folly at Kinloch was built. It also covers the history of the island stretching back to the mesolithic period and the earliest settlements in Scotland.

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