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Rivers And Lochs Of Scotland

Rivers And Lochs Of Scotland

Rivers And Lochs Of Scotland. Bruce Sandison's Rivers and Lochs of Scotland is the only book on fishing in Scotland that an angler will ever need. This new, comprehensive and completely revised edition describes more than 5,000 freshwater fishing locations complete with access details, flies and tactics and where to obtain permission to fish. For anyone fishing in Scotland, this book is the angler's bible. Rivers and Lochs of Scotland: The Angler's Complete Guide.

The Loch Fisher's Bible. Scotland is a country amply endowed with water. Most of this water takes the form of lochs and, until comparatively recently, almost every one of these lochs contained wild brown trout. Where the 'toff' had his salmon, the fishing of wild brown trout has been the heritage of the common man for generations. Out of this legacy has come the art form which we call traditional, or simply 'loch style', fly fishing. In "The Loch Fisher's Bible", Stan Headley has succeeded in bringing this ancient and venerable practice up to date, and in doing so has debunked and demystified loch fishing in particular and fly fishing in general. He has replaced myth, fable and fairy story with science, technology and understanding. The author has always maintained that a thinking angler is a successful angler, and the purpose of these pages is not simply to inform but, more important, to encourage enlightened thought on a fascinating subject - wild trout and how to catch them. Now, armed with this unique book, both novice and experienced fly fisher alike will have a far greater understanding of fish behaviour and successful fishing technique. The Loch Fisher's Bible.

Scotland's Salmon King

Scotland's Salmon King is the autobiography of a man who started fishing at the age of five and hasn t stopped since, although now well into his eighties. Colin spent over 50 years as a ghillie on the River Tay in Perthshire, when he was lucky enough to have a job which he enjoyed as a hobby, and which has been very eventful, both in terms of the fish he has caught and the people he has met whilst catching them. In this amusing and poignant account the author talks about the many interesting characters he has had the pleasure (or otherwise) of meeting, and also describes the way fishing, and other countryside pursuits, have changed over the years. Scotland's Salmon King.

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