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Salmon Fritters

Surprisingly, salmon, which is now considered to be a
luxury, was at one time in such great abundance that servants were said to complain if it appeared too frequently at meal times.

This recipe recommends boiled salmon although you
can bake the fish (having removed the skin) in little
greaseproof parcels with a knob of butter.

1 lb Cooked Salmon.
2 lb Boiled Peeled Potatoes.
1 Egg Yolk.
Salt and Pepper.
1/4 Pint Single Cream.
Lard for Shallow Frying.
Flour for Dusting.

Flake cooked fish and mix with mashed potatoes. Add
cream and egg yolk. Season well and form into small flat
cakes, dust with flour. Heat lard, fry fritters until light brown, serve with hard boiled eggs.

Fish in Scotland. We have already seen, on more than one occasion, that Captain Burt in his letters from the Highlands written in the early eighteenth century does little to endear himself to any Highlander, owing to his frequently critical and seemingly unsympathetic attitudes. Just for once, however, we may allow him to have the last word, on the subject of fish in Scotland. He writes: " This brings to remembrance a story I have heard of a foreigner, who being duly arrived in this country, at a public House desired some-thing to eat. A Fowl was proposed, and accepted; but when it was dressed and brought to table, the stranger showed a great dislike to it, which the Landlord perceiving, brought him a piece of fresh Salmon, and said " Sir, I observe you do not like this Fowl: pray what do you think of this ?"

" Think, " says the Stranger, " Why, I think it is a very fine Salmon, and no wonder, for that is of God Almighty's feeding; if it had been by you, I suppose it would have been as lean as this poor Fowl, which I desire you will take away.''

Of the fishing trade at Aberdeen, Thomas Pennant writes in his Tour of Scotland 1772. " The salmon fisheries on the Dee and the Don, are a good branch of trade; and in some years, one hundred and sixty-seven thousand pounds of fish have been sent pickled to London, and about nine hundred and thirty barrels of salted fish exported to France, Italy, etc."

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