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Ancestral TrailsAncestral Trails: The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History Ancestral Trails is the most comprehensive and up to date guide to tracing British ancestry. It guides the researcher through the substantial British archives with a detailed view of the records and published sources available. Research in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands is also covered, as are the latest developments in information technology applications on CD and through the internet.

Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family PhotographsUncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs In this visually stunning book of historic family photographs, the author, a renowned family-history photography expert, shows genealogists, scrapbookers and history enthusiasts how to cherish old photographs and what clues they provide on ancestors' lives. Readers will learn how to: Identify and verify people in family photographs Tell the story of identified photographs using the clues in the images Locate additional family photographs Create worksheets for each image to expand their knowledge about their ancestors This improved second edition, full of colour photographs, is sure to be instructive and inviting to readers looking to learn more about their family photos and history.

Trace Your RootsExplore Your Family's Past: Trace Your Roots and Create a Family Tree How much do you know about your family history? This fascinating guide will bring the story of your ancestors to life, and help you to discover how the great events of the past have made your family what it is today. You could meet relatives you never knew you had and get the whole family involved in this absorbing hobby. Explore Your Family's Past shows you how, in easy step-by-step stages, you can reach back in time to trace and record the story of your lineage. Enjoy being your own family detective as you learn how to investigate wills and old photographs, find gravestones and coats of arms, interpret documents and decipher old handwriting, uncovering all the clues to your family's past. And it shows you how to turn your findings into a unique family tree that you and your descendants will treasure for generations to come.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online... Genealogy. If you want to learn more about your family, now's the time to start. With the advent of the Internet, there's more information available than ever before, and it's easier to access now than in the good old days of musty libraries and records halls. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Genealogy by Rhonda McClure will have you wired and digging up dirt, or gold, in just an hour or two.

Who Do You Think You Are? this book is a jargon-free idiot's guide to tracing your family history. Light in tone, sometimes funny, often moving, and aimed at absolutely everyone, the book combines both stats and pub facts, with very real emotions as people discover the heroes and villains in their family's past. Rather than a dry 'how to' guide though, this book is inclusive, non-patronising and lively, and emphasises the human and emotional side to this popular pastime. Each of us are a part of history. And each of us has a story that in microcosm creates the epic ebbs and flows of British history. Like the TV series, the book will enthuse and inspire the reader to join in the process that enables us to say as individuals who we think we are, and as a nation, what makes our country what it is. This basic essential information is brought to life by pull-out boxes on our favourite celebrities as they trace their family trees back over the last couple of hundred years, such as Meera Syal's story: 'From Dudley to Delhi'. Within the text are pull-out 'Did you know?' facts on everything from the pasts of well-known celebrities to our make-up as a nation.

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