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Scotland Birdwatching

Scotland Birdwatching

Scotland Birdwatching

Scottish Birds: The Quick and Easy Spotter's Guide. This is a beautifully illustrated and well organised pocket book, identifying some one hundred and eighty or more birds found in Scotland. Organised around the habitats frequented by the birds, and therefore offering the best probability of spotting them, the full colour illustrations are graced with pen portraits of each bird, even their Gaelic names are offered. Places to visit are recommended, presenting you with a stimulus to get out and look rather than wait for something to fly your way.

If you're planning a bird watching holiday in Scotland, or you're standing at your kitchen window in Kilmarnock gazing out on a winter scene, this is an excellent book to have within easy reach. It's also, hopefully, something which will stimulate your interest, bird watching is therapeutic, relaxing, and a good means to exercise mind and body. Scottish Birds: The Quick and Easy Spotter's Guide (Collins GEM).

Where to Watch Birds in ScotlandWhere to Watch Birds in Scotland. Scotland is a vast and varied landscape, ranging from mountains and moorland in the highlands to lowland vales, rolling hills and many miles of coastline including rocky indentations, steep sided sea lochs and cliffs, wide estuaries and firths and many off- shore islands. These all give rise to a huge range of habitats for the many differing bird species and birdwatchers can expect to find some of the best and least crowded opportunities for observation in the UK, possibly being rewarded with rare sightings. Indeed, more than four hundred and fifty species have been recorded and approximately one hundred and seventy five regularly breed.

There are many birdwatching sites in Scotland and consequently all cannot be included in this guide. The author claims to have difficulty in making choices, but he made his decisions according to whether inclusion would cause problems which would be detrimental to birdlife; whether there were problems relating to site access, possibly exacerbated by increased numbers of visitors, and whether there was accessibility to the site with adequate vantage points. The sites were then graded according to bird interest, importance and suitability and decisions made as to whether they were main or additional asites. A reasonable distribution of sites was then made and included to offer a balanced number of entries. How to use this book is an excellent feature in the guide which should be studied. This section describes how the sites are split into regions, such as Borders, Grampians and Highlands, and how each site is dealt with, explaining habitat, species, access, timing and calendar. The book contains more than 120 sites accompanied by maps and line drawings. It concludes with an up-to-date list of Scottish birds, local birds Recorders and reports, useful addresses, code of conduct for birdwatchers and other useful features. This guide certainly has become indispensable for anyone birdwatching in Scotland. Where to Watch Birds in Scotland (Where to Watch Birds).

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