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Scottish Bagpipe FavoritesAmazing Grace: All Time Bagpipe Favorite. Amazing Grace: All Time Bagpipe Favorites. Tracks Include: Amazing Grace, Scotland the Brave, Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill, Towsay Castle, Money Musk, Battle on the Tyne, Conundrum, Highland Laddie, Miss Kirkwood, Quick March Moray Firth, Skye Boat Song, Barren Rocks of Aden, Faery Dance, Bonnie Dundee, When the Battle Is Over, March of the Thistles, Regimental March.

Legends. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Legends. Tracks Include: Amazing Grace, Scotland The Brave, The Little Drummer Boy, Pipe Band Medley, Hills of Alva, Donald, Willie and His Dog, Second To None, Miss Girdle, Donald and His Smuggled Drappie, The Earl Of Airle, The Blackthorn Stick, Kilworth Hills, Highland Laddie, Earl Of Mansfield, Highland Craddle Song, Wee Highland Laddie, The Munro’s Wedding, Heykens Serenade, Going Home, Belmont, Abide With Me, Russian Imperial Anthem, Il Silenzio, Scottish Waltz, Campbelltown Loch, Scottish Soldier, The Green Hills Of Tyrol, A Banda, Keel Row, Bonnie Dundee, Garb Of Old Gaul, Men Of Harlech, Drum Salute, Cornet Carillon, The Road To The Isles, Wooden Heart, Hootienannie, Jubilant, Reveille, Banjo Breakdown, Circassian Circle, The Gruagach, O’er The Blows Of Ballindalloch, High Level Hornpipe, Let’s Have A Ceilidh, Fairy Dance, Lord Of The Dance, Now Is The Hour, Morning Has Broken, Ode To Joy, Trumpeter’s Holiday, Drummer’s Call.

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards The Flower Of ScotlandThe Flower of Scotland. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards The Flower of Scotland. Tracks Include: Flower Of Scotland, 79th's Farewell To Gibraltar, Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, Shetland Fiddler, De'il Amang The Tailors, Fairy Dance, High Road To Linton, Miss Girdle, Dancing Feet, Holyrood, Mull Of Kintyre, Loch Lomond, Comin' Through The Rye, Bluebells Of Scotland, Drunken Piper, My Home, Skye Boat Song, Green Hills Of Tyrol, Scotland The Brave, Black Bear, Edinburgh Castle, Soldier's Return, Roses Of Prince Charlie, Killiecrankie, Rowan Tree, Rose Of Allandale, Endearing Young Charms, Dark Island, Moray Firth, Colin's Cattle, Far Over Struy, Bloody Fields Of Flanders, Heroes Of Vittoria, Eriskay Love Lilt, Amazing Grace, Flowers Of The Forest.

Lothian and Borders Police Pipe BandCentennial 1890-1990. Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band. Centennial 1890-1990. Tracks Include: Lothian And Borders Police Centenary March, Slow Air Hornpipe And Jigs, March Strathspey And Reel, 6/8 Marches, Hornpipes, Strathspeys And Reels, Sir William Sutherland, Newmarket House, Prince Edward Island, Festival March, Farewell To Nova Scotia, Drum Fanfare, 2/4 Marches, Slow Air And Jigs, Jane's Dusty Shoes, Captain Horne, Lady MacKenzie Of Fairburn, Farewell To Erin, Irish Traditional Reel, March Strathspey And Reel, Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band March.

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Amazing Grace. Tracks Include: Amazing Grace, Scotland The Brave, Cornet Carillon, Russian Imperial Anthem, Abide With Me, Dark Island, Ode 'An Die Freude', Song Of Joy, Scottish Soldier, Road To The Isles, Drummer's Call, Belmont, By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill, Bunessan, Banda, Little Drummer Boy, Standchen, Day Is Ended, Wooden Heart, Going Home.

Best of Scottish Pipe BandsBest of Scottish Pipe Bands & Drums. Best of Scottish Pipe Bands. Tracks Include: Scotland the Brave, Badge of Scotland, Atholl Highlanders, Bonny Galloway by the Queen's Royal Pipers. Doctor Ross' 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering, John Gordon, by Clan Sutherland Pipe Band. Battle of the Somme, Festival Cottage by the Grampian Police Pipe Band. Stop Yer Ticklin Jock, I Love a Lassie, Roamin in the Gloamin by the Pride of Murray Pipe Band. Blackbird, Willie's Brogues, Murdoch MacAllister, Thunderhead, by the Beeston Pipe Band. Corn Riggs, Man's a Man, My Love She's But a Lassie Yet, There Was a Lad by the Queen's Royal Pipers. Pipe Solo by Craig MacIntosh. Hugh Kennedy, The Ewe Wi' the Crocked Horn by the Clan Sutherland Pipe Band. Piper's Waltz, The Gold Ring, Minnie Hynd by the Grampian Police Pipe Band. Heroes of Wickenby, Going to Pitlochry, Prince's Street by the Beeston Pipe Band. William Sloanes Air, Jacks Jig, Tripping up the Stairs, The Swallows Tail by the Clan Sutherland Pipe Band. Drums Intro, the Bonnie Lass O Fyvie, Battle of Killiecrankie, by the Queen's Royal Pipers. Kopenitsa by the Clan Sutherland Pipe Band. Joe McGann's Fiddle, Old Hag at the Spinning Wheel by the Pride of Murray Pipe Band. Flower of Scotland by the Queen's Royal Pipers.

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