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Days with the Golden EagleDays with the Golden Eagle A reprint of the classic eagle book from one of the pioneers of nature writing. Seton Gordon was among the first to observe in some detail - through countless hours in his hide - the daily life of the golden eagle and to present in his books an account of their habitat, diet and behaviour. But his writing was much more than that - his books are interwoven with acute observation and his narrative possesses a clarity that ensures the reader sees as much as Seton Gordon himself saw. From life day to day on the eyrie through the different Scottish landscapes and the interaction of the eagles with other wildlife, it is all covered and in his inimitable style. Scottish Birds.

The Wildlife Art of Chris RoseIn a Natural Light: The Wildlife Art of Chris Rose In a natural light focuses on Chris Roses's paintings of British birds. Many of the pictures are of common species seen in the countryside around his home in the Scottish Borders. A light hearted but informative commentary accompanies each painting. Chris is widely recognised as one of the best painters of water, and inevitably this book contains many paintings where water is the main theme.

Birds BritannicaBirds Britannica Another magnificent achievement and a unique work of huge importance, a handsome, easy-to-read, comprehensive cultural study, species by species, of all the birds in Britain. Companion volume to Flora Britannica: The Definitive New Guide to Britain's Wild Flowers, Plants and Trees. Birds Britannica is neither an identification guide nor a behavioural study, though both these subjects enter its field. It covers cultural links; social history; birds as food; ecology; the lore and language of birds; myths, art, literature and music; anecdotes, birdsong and rare facts; modern developments; migration, the seasons and our sense of place. An attempt to describe the interaction of birds and humans, it captures the essence of why birds matter.

Collins Scottish BirdsCollins Scottish Birds A reissue of the bestselling guide to over 180 species of birds to be found throughout Scotland. An ideal pocket guide to over 180 species of bird found throughout Scotland. Each species is illustrated in full colour with a comprehensive description, plus the bird's English, Latin and, new in this edition, Gaelic names. For ease of use the birds are grouped together by the type of habitat in which they can be found, including gardens, farmland, woodland, freshwater, heath and hills, and coasts. A places to visit section details over 70 of the best sites for bird-watching, complete with directions to them and what to expect to see when you get there.

Where to Watch Birds in ScotlandWhere to Watch Birds in Scotland (Where... This bird-finding guide is a reference to the best birding sites of Scotland. Each site is described in terms of the nature of the habitat, the species likely to be observed, the recommended timings for visits to get the best from the site, and a calendar showing which species are found in the various seasons. The site accounts also mention other interesting wildlife that may be encountered, for example, Scotland is home to some of Britain's most enigmatic mammal species. Scottish Birds.

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