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Scottish Buildings

Scottish Lighthouses
Scottish Lighthouses

Scottish Country Houses
Scottish Country Houses, 1600-1914

Scottish Architecture
Scottish Architecture (World of Art S.)

Scone Palace (Great Houses of Britain)

A Little Book of
Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles

Lomond Guide to Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles and Fortifications

Tales and Traditions
of Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles

Famous Scottish

The Book of the Scottish Garden

Dictionary of
Scottish Building

Caring for the Scottish Home
Caring for the
Scottish Home

Scottish Townscape

Scottish Mediaeval Churches

Churches to Visit in Scotland

Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches in...Scotland.

Central Glasgow
Central Glasgow: An Illustrated... Guide.

Edinburgh Architecture Guide
Edinburgh: An Illustrated Architectural... Guide.

The Cathedrals of Scotland
The Cathedrals of Scotland

Scottish Cathedrals
Scottish Cathedrals (Historic Scotland...)

The Brochs of Scotland
Towers in the North: The Brochs of... Scotland.

The Great Houses of Scotland
The Great Houses of Scotland: A History...

Great Houses of Scotland
Great Houses of Scotland

Repair of Historic Buildings in Scotland

Castles and Ancient Monuments of Scotland
Castles & Ancient Monuments of Scotland

The Tenement House

Historic Hotels of Scotland: A Select... Guide.

Scotland's Traditional Houses
Scotland's Traditional Houses: From... From Cottage to Tower-house

The Making of Classical Edinburgh
The Making of Classical Edinburgh

RIAS Guides

Scottish Buildings

Scottish Buildings

Scottish Houses

Scottish Houses and Gardens: From the... Archives of "Country Life." It is exactly 100 years since Country Life began to commission leading architectural photographers to record the great country houses of the British Isles. This book features some 20 of the most important and remarkable houses in Scotland from the archive.

Rosslyn Chapel

The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn Chapel has fuelled controversy and debate, both recently in several best-selling books as well as in past centuries. Revered by Freemasons as a vital part of their history, believed by some to hold evidence of pre-Columbian voyages to America, assumed by others to hold important relics, from the Holy Grail to the Head of Christ, the Scottish chapel is a place full of mystery.

The Scottish House

The Scottish House : eclectic and unique... interiors. Cawdor Castle? Traquair, Hopetoun and Drumlanrig? Yes, Ianthe Ruthven's book does explore half a dozen of Scotland's more famous castles and country houses, but mostly it's devoted to buildings which are strictly off the usual tourist trail. Some of these take the form of Edinburgh town houses and farmhouses and croft houses in Fife and the Highlands and Islands, but many architectural enthusiasts will doubtless be delighted to discover that most of the 176 pages of 'The Scottish House' are in fact devoted to architecturally significant homes to which the general public usually have no, or at best very limited, access.

Scotland's Buildings

Scotland's Buildings (Scottish Life &... Society) Scotland's Buildings takes the concept of buildings to include structures built for any functional purpose. The perspective of the volume is thus very wide. It particularly looks at dwellings, community buildings and work places.

The Lighthouse Stevensons: The...Extraordinary Story of the Building of the Scottish Lighthouses by the Ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson. "Whenever I smell salt water, I know that I am not far from one of the works of my ancestors." Robert Louis Stevenson The 14 lighthouses dotting the Scottish coast were all built by the same family that produced Robert Louis Stevenson, Scotland's most famous novelist. Surprised? Bella Bathurst throws a powerful, revolving light into the darkness of this historical tradition. I highly recommend this book.

Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles Through History... History.Introduces Scottish castles in history, from the earliest Celtic hill-forts, brochs and crannogs to the great might of the stone castles at Stirling and Edinburgh. The importance of each type of castle is explained and castle life, defences and their role in Scottish history also feature.

The Castles of Western and Northern... Scotland.

Historic Houses of Edinburgh

Historic Houses of Edinburgh. A guide to dwelling houses in Edinburgh which are of special interest because of age, history, architecture, unusual features or owners.

Perth And Kinross

Perth and Kinross: An Illustrated... Architectural Guide.

The Castles of Scotland: A Comprehensive... Reference and Gazetteer to More Than 2300 Sites.

Castellated and Domestic Architecture of... Scotland.

The Castles of the Heartland of Scotland.

Fife Perthshire and Angus

Fife, Perthshire and Angus (Exploring... This series provides an introduction to the archaeological heritage of Scotland, detailing the story of one part of the country. The details are filled in by a gazetteer of the most interesting and best preserved monuments, and aim to encourage the reader to explore further using the full-colour section on day excursions. This volume details skilfully carved Pictish cross-slabs, great abbeys and castles, and the imposing cathedrals of Arbroath and St Andrews, together with the Royal Palace of Falkland. Examples of rural architecture are also documented.

Scotstyle: 150 Years of Scottish... Architecture.

Scottish Stained Glass: Making the... Sing (Discovering Historic Scotland S.)

Churches and Abbeys of Scotland

Churches and Abbeys of Scotland (Thistle... Guide.

The historic architecture of Scotland.

Tolbooths and Townhouses: A Record of... Tolbooths and Townhouses.

Scottish Abbeys and Priories (Historic... Scotland.

Safe Sanctuaries: Security and Defence... in Anglo-Scottish Border Churches, 1296-1603. This text is about the fortified churches which form a feature of the borderlands between Scotland and England. Through these buildings the author draws a picture of the people and events which shaped this land, from the actions of government to events and incidents which shaped everyday lives.

The Scottish Chateau: The Country House... of Renaissance Scotland. This attractive book offers a reinterpretation of the swaggering Scottish Renaissance country house. The author reveals sixteenth-century Scotland as vivid, colourful, flamboyant and European, thus reversing a cultural heritage. Using contemporary descriptions, archives and documents, mixed with reconstructions of buildings, this book is a lively read illustrated by portraits, gardens, interiors and landscapes.

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