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Celtic ScotlandCeltic Scotland (Historic Scotland S.) Written in a style designed to appeal to general as well as academic readers, this book examines the nature of "Celticness" and, through the evidence of ancient monuments, objects and written accounts, explores the essence of prehistoric Scotland. It traces the development of society in Scotland, from fragmented Iron Age tribes, into Picts, Scots and Britons, and uses reconstruction drawings and photographs to illustrate what Celtic life was like. Celtic Scotland.

Celtic Placenames of ScotlandThe Celtic Placenames of Scotland This is the only paperback edition of this classic work, which is essential reading for anyone interested in Scottish history and the derivations of place names the length and breadth of the country. Many place-names date before the arrival of the Celts (the name 'Tay', for example, is almost certainly thousands of years old), and each successive group of invaders and settlers - Britons, Dalriadic Scots, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Picts and many others - constantly adding and enriching, leaving their own unique story in the landscape. The book is divided into sections dealing with early names, territorial divisions, general surveys of areas; it also looks at saints, church terms and river names. For the scholar, and indeed anyone interested in the subject, this book is a prime reference point which has never been surpassed.

Scotland Archaeological GuideScotland (Oxford Archaeological Guides) This illustrated guide to over 250 of the best archaeological sites in Scotland, ranges from earliest times to 1200 AD. The guide is arranged geographically within ten different areas, and includes practical guides to cairns, forts, churches, standing stones, and carvings. The introduction sets monuments within the context of the history of human development in Scotland, focusing on aspects such as earliest human colonization, transport, domestic life, art, warfare, and the preservation of Scottish monuments, together with giving an outline of archaeological development from mesolithic to post-medieval times. Celtic Scotland.

Celtic Holy MenSea-road of the Saints: Celtic Holy Men... John Marsden follows the course of the sea-road of the early Celtic saints from Ireland to the western coast and isles of Scotland. He explores the spiritual tradition of the 'white martyrdom of exile for Christ' as it was lived out by these voyager-visionaries against the land and seascapes of the Hebrides. From Columba onwards to Ciaran, Cormac, Brendan and Ronan, those who spread Irish Christianity into Scotland left traces throughout the landscape and in the placenames which survive to this day. The book gives not only a colourful account of the history of those times, but serves also as a guide to the island traveller on a path of exploration of this rich and ancient tradition. Celtic Scotland.

Iona The Earliest PoetryIona: The Earliest Poetry of a Celtic... Monastery. This volume is a collection of translations of eight beautiful poems written in Iona within 150 years of its foundation. Five originally written in latin and three in Old Irish, these poems illuminate the early life of the Iona monastery and "Celtic Christianity" in general. Along with an introductory chapter giving the background to Iona's history and literature, a literary and theological commentary demonstrates the thought-world of the poems and sheds new light on Iona's intellectual and spiritual life. In-depth details of early monastic life are offered in two supplementary chapters: the first is a tract on living the religious life by a pupil of St. Columba's; the second a tentative list of the contents of Iona's library, revealing that Iona's monks were deeply involved with mainstream. Continental church thinking and writing. This poetry collection should be useful reading for all those interested in Iona and the early church in Scotland. Celtic Scotland.

Celtic Folklore CookingCeltic Folklore Cooking Much of the folklore, proverbs, songs and legends of the Celtic nations revolve around this wonderful variety of food and drink. Drawn from the author's travels through Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the recipes presented in this text come with proverbs, songs and stories handed down from one generation to the next in the classic oral tradition of the Celts. Celtic Scotland.

Celtic Saints in Their LandscapeCeltic Saints in Their Landscape The Celtic tradition of spirituality is enjoying a huge revival. With its emphasis on the pervasiveness of the divine in the world around us, its legacy of incomparable artwork and the energy, vision and charm of its saints, Celtic Christianity appeals to the present day search for purity of spirit in a tarnished civilisation. Patrick, David, Aidan, Brigid and Columba are among the passionate wanderers of Celtic Christianity whose lives and inspiration are the subject of Elizabeth Rees' book. It is not easy to come close to the Celtic saints. With a very few exceptions, their biographies were written in medieval times, centuries after their lifetime. However, the sites where Celtic monks, nuns and missionary couples lived and worked can still be seen in the more remote parts of Britain. Their huts, holy wells and chapels are often set in beautiful landscapes: sheltered valleys, dramatic headlands and rocky islands. Archaeology, the study of sites, of place names, inscribed stones and early texts can provide us with further clues about how these men and women lived. In this book, the reader can take an armchair tour of the sites where some fifty Celtic saints worked and prayed, across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northumbria and Cornwall. Celtic Scotland.

The People of the Sea: Celtic Tales of... Seal-folk. The haunting record of a journey in search of the man-seal legends of the Celts. David Thomson's travels in the Hebrides and the west coast of Ireland brought him into contact with a people whose association with the sea and its fertile lore runs deep. These simple people were gifted with the most ancient storytelling arts. They told of men rescued by seals in stormy seas, of babies suckled by seal-mothers, and of men who took sea-women for wives - stories centuries-old handed down to them by their forefathers. This book seeks to brings these fascinating legends alive. Celtic Scotland.

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