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Fairy Tales from ScotlandFairy Tales from Scotland Gallant knights, the enchanting Elf Queen, witches, wizards and wee faery'll find them all in this exciting collection of Scottish fairy tales and legends. Whether you prefer Highland legends, ancient sagas, or warrior adventures, there's something for everyone in this collection, along with a good helping of Gaelic magic! Scottish Children's Books.

Hamish and the Wee WitchHamish and the Wee Witch (Kelpies S.) Hamish and Mirren live in a quiet farmhouse by a beautiful loch in Scotland. In these six tales, they encounter a talking sea urchin, a strange flute, singing sand, the Wee Folk and their idea of 'spring cleaning', and Grizelda Grimithistle, a mischievous wee witch who, not content with stealing warm creamy milk direct from their cow, sets about helping herself to Mirren's freshly-died hanks of wool. Moira Miller's characteristic wit and humour shine through in this delightful collection of stories.

The Enchanted Forest: A Scottish... Fairy Tale. This story is a well-known Scottish fairy tale and so may be familiar to some people. It is a terrific tale of fairies and magic and, as in all good fairy tales, it has a happy ending. The enchanted forest is a strange and eerie place that everyone is scared of entering, except Janna who is rather a wild and wilful girl. One day she enters the forest and comes across Tam Lin, a young man who has been captured and made a prisoner by the Queen of the Fairies. Only Janna will be able to help him escape from the Queen and the strange enchanted forest.

Scottish Rocks and FossilsScottish Rocks and Fossils: Activity... This book tells the story of how Scotland's landscape has changed over the last three billion years. Did you know that disappearing oceans, colliding continents and erupting volcanoes were some of the events which helped to shape the countryside we see today? Discover how coal formed from swamps which grew in a tropical climate. Did you know there was an ice age in Scotland that lasted for over two billion years, and the ice may come back? Find out how to: make your own model volcano which erupts messily, but safely; see a stalactite and stalagmite grow in just a couple of days; race your way around Scotland, collecting fossils as you go. Scottish Children's Books.

Exploring Scottish SeashoresExploring Scottish Seashores: Activity... Scotland's coastline is almost twelve thousand km long. Exploring Scottish Seashores looks at the wonderful variety of its natural features and the plants and animals that live there. Did you know that we use seaweed to help make ice-cream? Did you know that sea anemones catch their food by firing tiny poisoned darts on a thread? What might you find living beneath a rock, or buried in the sand? Find out: How to make you own 'goggle box' to make rockpool-gazing even more fun; The right way to pick up a crab; The places you might see puffins, otters, dolphins and whales; How to make seaweed pictures and seashell ornaments.

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