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Scottish Creams

There is a culinary controversy as to whether the Glasgow or the Edinburgh suburb, then villages, invented this milk dish, but as the two recipes vary slightly, we give both without deciding to which belongs the credit of precedence.

For Rutherglen Cream put some sour milk into an earthenware jar or jug, stand it in a pan of boiling water, and leave it till the milk thickens and separates from the whey. Strain through a sieve or muslin so as to remove the whey. Beat the sour milk with a wooden spoon till the particles are well broken up, and add some double cream and sugar to taste.

For Corstorphine Cream stand new milk in a jar in a warm place till it goes into a natural curd. To a quart of this add a pint of new milk, mixing well and leave for a whole day or night, after which add another pint of new milk, mixing again. After another twelve hours beat up the whole with moist sugar and serve with cream.

Both of these are, of course, the Scottish versions of the German Dickmilch and of the sour mare's milk of the Cossacks, now so widely known as Yagurt, which gave the clue to Metchnikoff. They are quite as conducive to health and long life as the German or the Russian varieties.

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