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Scottish Dance Bands

The Best Of Scottish Dance
The Best of Scottish Dance

The Best of Scottish Dance Bands
Track Listings
1. Muckin' O' Geordie Byre
2. Ladie Nellie Wemyss
3. Braidley's House
4. Major Mackie
5. My Wild Irish Rose
6. Rosie O'Grady
7. That's An Irish Lullaby
8. O Donnel Abu
9. Dawning Of The Day
10. Who Fears To Speak Of The '98
11. Kelly The Boy From Killane
12. Mr Wm Davidson
13. Rhona's Reel
14. Teviot Brig
15. Drummond Castle
16. Jennie's Blue E'En
17. The Steamboat
18. Robertson's Hornpipe
19. West's Awake Hornpipe
20. Willie The Woodcutter
21. Tom Clement's Reel
22. Trumpet Hornpipe
23. Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie
24. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
25. Always Argyll
26. Tarhom Brig
27. Craighall
28. Lady Carmichael
29. The Auld Inn
30. Fill Your Glasses
31. Lively Inn
32. Back To Bonnie Scotland
33. Loch Lomond
34. Auld House
35. Hrh Princess Alexandra's Welcome To Wick
36. Sweet Maid Of Mull
37. Bluebell Polka
38. The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen
39. Para Handy
40. Miss Ada Crawford Cutty's Wedding
41. Strip The Willow (Original Tune)
42. Peggy's Wedding
43. Drummond Castle
44. The Hiking Song (Gay Gordons)
45. Caledonian Two-Step
46. Herbridean Milking Song
47. Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite
48. Kemnay House
49. Bonnie Lass Of Bon Accord
50. Castles In The Air
51. Queen Mary, Queen Mary
52. If You Will Marry Me
53. Katie Bairdier
54. My Wee Laud's A Sojer
55. What'll Be King But Charlie
56. Stool Of Repentance

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