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Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales (Penguin Popular Classics) This is a collection of Scottish fairy tales, folk tales and legends, which have been passed on from generation to generation, and have been brought together in this one volume. Scottish Fairy Tales.

The Enchanted ForestThe Enchanted Forest: A Scottish Fairy Tale (Windy Edge) This story is apparently a well-known Scottish fairy tale and so may be familiar to some people. It is a terrific tale of fairies and magic and, as in all good fairy tales, it has a happy ending. The enchanted forest is a strange and eerie place that everyone is scared of entering, except Janna who is rather a wild and wilful girl. One day she enters the forest and comes across Tam Lin, a young man who has been captured and made a prisoner by the Queen of the Fairies. Only Janna will be able to help him escape from the Queen and the strange enchanted forest. Scottish Fairy Tales.

Tamlane (Scottish Folk Tales S.) In the Borders of the 13th century lived fairies who would steal children. Such is the fate of nine-year-old Tamlane. The years pass but Tamlane is not forgotten. His bold-hearted playmate Janet ignores the warnings of her nurse and sets off to find to save her childhood love.

Peerifool (Scottish Folk Tales S.) A cabbage-stealing giant helps himself to two princesses in an effort to get his housekeeping done. But the youngest princess, with the help of the Peerie Folk and a bowl of dishwater, saves her sisters and makes their fortune as well.

The Fisherman's Son (Scottish Folk Tales S.) When an old fisherman agrees to give his firstborn son to a seamaid, he lives to regret his foolish promise. His son leaves home to find service as a warrior to a Highland king. The seamaid becomes a three-headed monster and goes to claim the fisherman's son.

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