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Scottish Rocks and FossilsScottish Rocks and Fossils: Activity... Book. This book tells the story of how Scotland's landscape has changed over the last three billion years. Did you know that disappearing oceans, colliding continents and erupting volcanoes were some of the events which helped to shape the countryside we see today? Discover how coal formed from swamps which grew in a tropical climate. Did you know there was an ice age in Scotland that lasted for over two billion years ...and the ice may come back? Find out how to: make your own model volcano which erupts messily ...but safely; see a stalactite and stalagmite grow in just a couple of days; race your way around Scotland, collecting fossils as you go. Scottish Geology.

Before Scotland: The Story of Scotland... Before History. Before Scotland transforms prehistory into gripping narrative history, demonstrating that the history of the land that became Scotland is one of dramatic geological events and impressive human endeavour.

Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland Scotland's mountains and glens retain the secrets of the long and frequently violent geological history that has gone into their making. Volcanoes have played a major role in the creation of Scotland and while the youngest, a mere sixty million years old, were responsible for much of the scenic splendour of the Inner Hebrides, the rocks composing many of the famous Scottish landforms as, for example, those of Glencoe and the Edinburgh district are also the direct result of volcanism. Scottish Geology.

The Scenery of Scotland: Structure... Beneath. Describes the making of Scotland's beautiful landscape through the action of volcanoes and ice, folding and erosion, pounding of waves, and scouring of wind. Aerial photos reveal a Scotland rarely seen. Scottish Geology.

Minerals of ScotlandMinerals of Scotland A comprehensive and definitive account of Scotland's minerals and the men who discovered, collected and examined them. This study includes sections on the collectors themselves and the pioneering role that Scottish scientists played in the development of mineralogy. Sixty-one minerals native to Scotland are detailed in this book with their description, history and occurrence; while a glossary of all 552 known species is included. This publication is a valuable contribution to Scotland's mineral heritage. Scottish Geology.

My Schools and Schoolmasters A memoir of the schooldays of one of the most extraordinary minds Scotland has produced, Hugh Miller. He rose from a modest background to become both a specialist in the field of geology and a generalist in the wider literary world, admired by Carlyle, Dickens and Ruskin.

Geological History of Britain and IrelandGeological History of Britain and Ireland Britain, Ireland and their surrounding areas have a remarkably varied geology for so small a fragment of continental crust. This region contains a fine rock record from all the geological periods from Quaternary back to Cambrian, and a less continuous but still impressive catalogue of events back through nearly 2500 million years of Precambrian time. This protracted geological history would have been interesting enough to reconstruct if it had been played out on relatively stable continental crust. However, Britain and Ireland have developed instead at a tectonic crossroads, on crust traversed intermittently by subduction zones and volcanic arcs, continental rifts and mountain belts. The resulting complexity makes the geological history of this region at once fascinating and perplexing. Geological History of Britain and Ireland tells the geological story of the region at a level accessible to undergraduate geologists, as well as to postgraduates, professionals, or informed amateurs. The book takes a multi-disciplinary rather than a purely stratigraphical approach, and aims to bring to life the processes behind the catalogue of historical events. Full coverage is given to the rich Precambrian and Early Palaeozoic history, as well as to later events more relevant to hydrocarbon exploration. The book is profusely illustrated and contains guides to further reading and full references to data sources, making it an essential starting point for more detailed studies of the regional geology. Scottish Geology.

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