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Scottish Highlands Folklore

The folklore of the Scottish Highlands have a very special claim upon the affections of all Scots, for they are peculiarly and unusually ours. Their value lies in their individuality, which is native to the soil of Scotland, and owes very little to outside infuences. They are the dreams and superstitions of our own forefolk, and precious to us on that very account.

We are immensely proud of the past heroes of Scotland who were every ready to espouse a lost cause, a forlorn hope. We remember with gratitude the actions and achievements of our Scottish ancestors; let us be equally proud of the rich heritage of their thoughts.

Folklore goes deep into the history of Scotland, and from it comes much of the written works of the country. One has only to think of our ballads, to recall our debt to the past, when Celtic memory kept alive our noblest poems and stories.

Scots worldwide are heirs to great traditions of a great race of people; warriors, saints, seers, poets, writers and the folklore of the common folks.

Selected Highland Folktales A classic of Scottish folklore. Over the course of a quarter of a century, the late R MacDonald Robertson assembled a collection of fascinating stories which will appeal to visitor and native alike. Headings include Fairies, Haunted Houses, Witchcraft, Monsters, The Highland Vision and Miscellaneous Tales. Every corner of the Scottish highlands and islands is steeped in ancient tale and legend; the author has produced a wide-ranging and representative selection.

Highland Superstitions (1946) The druids, fairies, witchcraft, second-sight, Halloween, sacred wells and lochs, with several curious instances of Highland customs and beliefs. With a foreword on superstitions and their origin. Contents: Foreword; General superstitions; Druidism; Fairies; Witchcraft; Second-sight; Smaller superstitions; New-Year customs; Easter customs; May-Day customs; Halloween; Sacred wells and lochs.

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