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Scottish Honey

In early times, honey, first that of wild bees and later of the cultivated variety, was the only sweet food known to our Scottish ancestors.

One contributor to the Statistical Account of Scotland waxes lyrical on the subject of honey and bees:

"Several persons in this parish have propagated bees with great success. The numerous orchards, the extensive plantations of trees, which abound with the saccharine juice, the large fields of beans, whose grateful flavour embalms the very air in the Carse, and the uplands adorned with variegated blossoms of clover and daisies, and furze and broom, afford a plentiful supply to these industrious insects."

Although it did not come into general use until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it seems fairly clear that the Scots had fallen under the spell of sugar, and especially 'sweeties', a great deal earlier.

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