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Scottish Men Of LawMen of Law in Pre-Reformation Scotland (Scottish Historical Review Monograph) In 1532 James V founded a College of Justice, an event that marked an important step in the institutional development of the Court of Session. At the same time it was enacted that a small number of advocates should be licensed to appear before the College. This study casts light not only upon that key generation of advocates but also the legal world in which they operated. What kind of men were they? What status did they have? What of their education and career pattern? How did they carry on their profession and by what rules were they constrained? For who did they act and why? This book investigates questions such as these and describes the impact made by members of the nascent legal profession on Scottish culture, politics and social life in the first half of the 16th century.

Scottish Business LawScottish Business Law This popular introduction to Scottish business law for students has been fully updated for the 3rd edition and now includes almost 100 new cases and covers recent major developments in legislation. The book provides a clear, readable and concise account of a broad range of topics for students who are studying law as part of another course. It is widely used on national diploma courses, and also on first degree courses in accountancy, business studies and commerce. Scottish Law.

Casebook on Scottish Criminal LawCasebook on Scottish Criminal Law This is an essential book for the busy criminal lawyer and for students of criminal law. Concise, practical appreciation of how the law works is combined with analysis of the reasoning behind decisions. A Casebook on Scottish Criminal Law brings together all the important cases in one volume. Scottish Law.

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