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The Scottish Movie PocketbookThe Scottish Movie Pocketbook Scotland has always punched more than its weight when it comes to big screen entertainment, be it through vintage comedies such as "Whisky Galore!" and "Local Hero", cult classics like "The Wicker Man" and "Highlander", the Oscar triumph of "Braveheart" or the phenomenon of "Trainspotting". This book pulls together all the facts, figures and anecdotes in order to provide a guide to all things Scottish in cinema. Although producer Arthur Freed thought that nowhere in Scotland was quite Scottish enough for "Brigadoon" and built it in Hollywood, film-makers from all over the world have flocked to its shores to take advantage of the breathtaking scenery it offers. For many years now, the film industry has borrowed countless exciting stories from Scotland's history and gleaned fresh ideas from Scottish writers as diverse as Irvine Welsh and Robert Louis Stevenson. This book gives the lowdown on every such Scottish connection, details the many Scottish actors that have broken through on an international level, such as Sean Connery, Ewan MacGregor and Robert Carlyle, and recounts enthralling stories about the imaginative use of Scottish locations. Scottish Movies.

Screening ScotlandScreening Scotland This title provides an overview of developments within Scottish film making, and looks at the institutional context within which successes as "Regeneration", "Trainspotting", "Carla's Song", and "Mrs Brown" have appeared. It also examines the history of Scottish film production. The emergence of a new Scottish Cinema is related to the development of film production based in Scotland. This title focuses on the inspirational work of "auteurs" like Bill Douglas and Bill Forsyth and a new wave of creative film-making, drawing upon both popular genres and the more personal concerns of European art cinema. Scottish Movies.

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