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Scottish Love Poems: A Personal Anthology A collection of poems by Burns, Byron, and McDiarmid, other less familiar poets, and those living today. No attempt has been made to represent any particular poet, or to include any poem out of dutiful respect. This anthology is based solely on Lady Antonia Fraser's personal choice of the best scottish love poems. Scottish Poetry.

Three Scottish Poets (Canongate Classics... A fine selection of the best works by three of Scotland's best-known and best-loved poets: Norman MacCaig, Edwin Morgan and Liz Lochhead. Scottish Poetry.

Sun Behind the Castle: Edinburgh Poems The Edinburgh of Angus Calder's poems is not the city of summer tourism and landmark buildings. It is the all-the-year-round arena of lingering mists or brilliant sunlight on grey stone, where seagulls and pigeons command the early-morning streets, curlers sweep their ice at Murrayfield and coarse sportsmen revel on the Meadows.

Robert Burns: The Lassies Robert Burns was fond of women, and his well-documented affairs have earned him a reputation as a rake and womaniser. It was said that he couldn't just admire a lass, he would fall head-over-heels. And every woman that Burns loved became a flawless beauty with an equally flawless character. During his short life Burns wrote a great deal of poetry to or about women. Some were written as love poems or songs, intended to sway the heart of whoever had caught his eye, others in honour of a more casual acquaintance whose beauty or talents had impressed him in some way. Others were composed simply as a form of thank you. This is a collection of all these poems, each accompanied by a detailed history of Burns' relationship with the subject. Was he the philanderer and rake he's said to be? George Scott Wilkie looks at the letters, poems and sonnets - a collection covering over 80 women from his first flighty glance of a haughty laird's daughter, through the women who fathered his children to the delectable, unattainable Clarinda.

Fingal's Cave PoemsFingal's Cave, the Poems of Ossian and... Celtic Christianity. On the isolated island of Staffa, near Iona in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, an extraordinary collection of stalactites compressed by the surging water creates not only a cathedral-like space inside a cave but also perpetual sound, as the wind and water ebb and flow. This place is called Fingal's cave. a source of mystery, spiritual insight and artistic inspiration for centuries. Mendelssohn and Turner were fascinated by it. Esoteric philosopher and educationalist Rudolf Steiner thought that Fingal - the chief of the ancient Celts, who preserved their religion and culture against pagan marauders, was the great pre-Christian initiate. The cave looms large in the fragmentary poems of Ossian, collected by the 18th century poet James Macpherson. The poems, subject of controversy even to this day, were a great influence on Enlightenment and Romantic figures as diverse as Thomas Jefferson, Walt Whitman, James Fenimoore Cooper, Dickens and many others. Napolean kept the poems of Ossian with him during his Russian campaign. He even commissioned paintings depicting scenes from the poetry and hung them at his country retreat outside Paris. This work explores the meaning of Fingal's initiation rite, the development of Celtic culture, customs and influence into modern times, and its revival once again today. Scottish Poetry.

Scots Poems to Be Read AloudScots Poems to Be Read Aloud: Yin or Twa... A collection of the popular and the more obscure chosen from the collection of poetry in Scots and put together by well known storyteller Stuart McHardy - One of the great strengths of Scots is its capacity for strong rhythm and rhyme - Inspired by Tom Atkinson's Poems to be Read Aloud: A Victorian Drawing Room Entertainment - With a tendency towards the humorous it has everything from great works of art to simple pieces - Includes poems from Older Scots to Modern Scots - Stuart is also author of Scotland: Myth, Legend and Folklore, Edinburgh and Leith Pub Guide and the soon to be released Druidesses: the Nine Maidens. Scottish Poetry.

Understanding Robert Burns: Verse,... Although recognized throughout the world, the poems of Robert Burns are rarely understood. Many lovers of his poetry and songs have struggled with the meanings of many of the bard's words. This book aims to give readers an immediate understanding of 138 of his poems. Opposite every stanza of each poem, the meaning of what Burns wrote is given, along with a glossary. Thus, alongside lines from "Ode to a Mouse" ("Wee sleekit, cow'rin', tim'rous beastie, Oh, what a panic's in thy breastie!") the author explains that "Burns is doing his utmost to assure this terrified little creature that it is quite safe, that he has no intention of causing it any harm".

Fighter WriterFighter Writer: The Eventful Life of... Sergeant Joe Lee, Scotland's Forgotten War Poet. Artist, poet, journalist, Black Watch soldier, prisoner of war and literary outcast – Joseph Johnston Lee lived a more eventful life than most. As a young man he travelled far and wide on board ocean steamers, always making sketches of the places he visited and always, in the end, returning to his home town of Dundee. During the First World War he fought with the Black Watch in the trenches, sending back poems and sketches that told vividly of the realities of war. His poems struck a chord with the people of Dundee, and indeed with the whole country, being widely published. Scottish Poetry.

Modern Scottish PoetryModern Scottish Poetry Although Scottish poetry gained an increasingly high profile towards the end of the twentieth century, this groundbreaking work is the first book length study of the field. Christopher Whyte takes significant collections by 20 poets writing in English, Scots and Gaelic as the starting point for an examination of their whole career and of the connections between them. Poets featured include Sorley MacLean, Edwin Muir, George Campbell Hay, Sydney Goodsir Smith, Edwin Morgan, Tom Leonard, W.S. Graham, Iain Crichton Smith, Liz Lochhead, Douglas Dunn, Kathleen Jamie, Carol Ann Duffy and Aonghas MacNeacail. Scottish Poetry.

The Triumph Tree: Scotland's Earliest... Poetry AD550-1350. Bringing together the poetry of five languages - Latin, Welsh, Gaelic, Anglo Saxon and Norse, these translations ranging from war to religion, nature to love, the quality and power of these poems serve as a window to the vanished world of Scotland's past from which they sprang. Scottish Poetry.

The Faber Book of 20th Century Scottish... Poetry. In the 1920s, Scottish poetry, personified by Hugh MacDiarmid, asserted its independence, categorically denying the claim that there was no difference between English and Scottish literature. Though nationality is often considered a lesser, narrower ideal than poetry, in this case the polemical response has been enabling to rider and writer alike. In this anthology poets such as MacDiarmid, Edwin Muir, Sorley MacLean and Norman MacCaig as well as that of expatriates like Andrew Young and W.S. Graham are included. Scottish Poetry.

New Scottish Poetry Compiled to help meet the requirements of the English and Communication Higher Still, this anthology: draws on a wide range of Scottish poets; contains work of contemporary poets; raises issues of significance to students; and offers activities designed to help students achieve their best.

Oot the Windae In readable and simple poetry, Reilly succeeds in taking us back to an era when poverty existed side by side with loyalty, friendship and neighbourliness. Witness the ups and downs of Reilly's childhood, enjoy the unique Glasgow dialect and pass on the news of this unheralded piece of work to the wider masses, where it deserves to succeed.

Tuil, An - The Flood: Anthology of... f 20th-century Scottish Gaelic Verse. This collection traces 100 years of Gaelic verse and includes both "high" and "low" poetry, children's verse and nonsense rhymes, as well as the serious, intellectual verse of the 1940s and 1950s. Each poem has a facing English translation, and the introduction sets the poems into their cultural and literary context. Poets include Domhnall Ruadh Choruna, Sorley Maclean and George Campbell Hay. Scottish Poetry.

The Poems and Songs of Burns A selection of songs and lyrical poems by Robert Burns. Longer poems such as "Tam O'Shanter" and "The Cotter's Saturday Night" are also included. Lovers of Burn's poetry should find this selection enjoyable. It also provides an introduction for those unfamiliar with his work. Scottish Poetry.

The Canongate Burns (Canongate Classics... A collection of the poems and songs of Robert Burns, with an extensive introduction on the complex social fabric of his life, explanatory notes and a full Scots glossary. It prints the poems in the order of their first appearance, giving insights into the reception of his work. Scottish Poetry.

Poems (Oxford Paperbacks) This edition of Burns's poems and songs is taken from Professor Kinsley's three-volume Oxford English Texts edition (Clarendon Press ) hailed as the first really scholarly and critical edition for more than seventy years. Contains all of Burns's writings, including those reasonably attributed to him. Scottish Poetry.

The Encyclopedia of Scotland (Salt... The Encyclopedia of Scotland is a passionate invocation to a Muse at once abundant and excruciating, a performance poem for soul-voice and attendant daemons. At one time performed by Finch with a musical ensemble, this rhythmic feast enacts a complex ritual of self-initiation into the realm of poetry.

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