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Scottish MagicScottish Magic: "Lily", "Isbel", "Faerie... Set against the magical backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, four enchanting tales follow the romantic trials and triumphs of the MacLachlan clan, in Stobie Piel's "Lily," Hannah Howell's "Isbel," "Faerie Pirncess" by Elisabeth Ann Michaels, and Mandalyn Kaye's "Beneath the Midnight Sky.". Scottish Romances.

Claiming the Highlander Determined to end a long-running feud, a fiery young Scottish woman convinces the women of her clan to refuse their men everything until they lay down their arms, but she finds her own plans undermined by her growing attraction to a dashing Highlander. Scottish Romances.

The Scottish BrideThe Scottish Bride (Bride Trilogy... Tysen Sherbrooke, youngest of those sexy Sherbrooke brothers, is a widowed vicar, a single father of three who displays none of the wild oats his brothers possess in spades. When Tysen discovers that he has inherited a Scottish castle and the title of Baron Barthwick, little does he realise just how much his austere life will change. Upon arriving at his new holdings, Tysen encounters hostile townspeople who hate the new English baron simply because he's not Scottish; he also meets lovely, fiery-haired Mary Rose Fordyce, known as the local bastard, who is trying desperately to keep her unscrupulous guardian from bartering away her virginity. Under Tysen's protective eye, Mary Rose makes his sons and precocious daughter smile--and also behave. More importantly, she makes him smile, too. In fact, Mary Rose makes Tysen do--and feel--a lot of things he has never done or felt before. Coulter's clever, conversational style and ready wit in The Scottish Bride will delight and amuse fans as they relish this unexpected treat! Scottish Romance.

Earthchild 15th century Scotland ... from danger in a Highland castle to intrigue at the court of King James ... from peasants and spies to courtiers and villains. Earthchild is a battle-of-wills romance brimming with adventure, secrets, passions, and a love to conquer all. Born of royal blood, but on the wrong side of the blanket, Richard Llewellyn walks a blurred path between the stigma of his bastardy and the nobility of his lineage. For now, he is a spy, investigating rumors of rebellion in Lord Gordon's estate in the Highlands. Travel worn, Llewellyn encounters a Highland beauty, Branwyn, bathing in the linn. Immediately attracted to her ethereal charms, he swears to possess her at all costs--never dreaming that the cost may be higher than he thinks. Branwyn has the sight, and reads runes, talents that ran in her mother's family. She believes herself to be a peasant, alone in the world except for one good friend, Brian, who has disappeared. When she is forced to marry the mysterious Llewellyn, she is angered and frightened by turns. But is it the man, himself, who causes her distress ... or the desire he ignites within her? By day Llewellyn scouts; by night he seduces Branwyn, determined to win first her body, and then her heart. Branwyn feels the pull of his power, but still she resists--for she has glimpsed the future and the dangers it holds for both of them. Scottish Romances.

The Scotsman When a Scottish rebel avenges the capture of his brother by the English by kidnapping the daughter of the lord he blames, the country becomes divided, and the rebel must save his brother while resisting his fiery prisoner, who has already captured his heart. Scottish Romances.

Once a Warrior Ariella MacKendrick draws on a seer's vision to guide her to Malcolm MacFane, the Black Wolf, the only person who can save her clan from the war that threatens to destroy it, only to find a man who can conquer her heart, as well as her enemy.

Glencoe: A Romance of Scotland In the late 1600's, two clans embodied the essence of rivalry and revenge. Ancestral enemies Meg Campbell and Niall MacDonald struggle to rewrite their own personal definitions of honor and duty. Scottish Romances.

The Selkie For those not familiar with Scottish Lore, the Selkies were/are magical seals that could came ashore, shed the skin and take human mates. They were so beautiful that no one could resist them, but they were only permitted to live on shore for a year and a day, before they had to return to the sea.

Dunnottar Dunnottar Castle is the well-known setting for the novel, Dunnottar. The home of the Keith clan, it is also the home of many secrets, some of the family itself, and some so royal that they affect the history of the entire country of Scotland. Scottish Romances.

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