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Scottish Surnames, Ure to Urquhart

URE, Andrew (1778-1857) of Glasgow. Sometime Prof. of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy at Anderson's College, and Analytical Chemist to the Board of Customs, London (1834). Produced a Dictionary of Chemistry (1821). Was the inventor of the Alkalimeter (1816) and a Bi-metal thermostat in 1830. Elected FRS in 1822.

URE, David (?-d.l798) of Glasgow. Geologist. Was employed by Sir John Sinclair in his preparation of the First Statistical Account of Scotland.

URE, Mary (1934-75) of Glasgow. Actress. Played leading parts in many films and on Television. Her films include. Look Back in Anger, Sons and Lovers, Where Eagles Dare and The Mindbenders. TV appearances include Honour thy Father and thy Mother.

URE, Midge of one of the most successful musicians of a generation, a brilliantly written record of twenty-five years at the cutting edge, and behind the scenes, as a video director, of the music business.

Local: from the castle of Urquhart, in the parish of Urquhart, Elginshire. The family are descended from Gallerouch Urchard, temp. Alexander II. William Urchard of Cromarty was heritable Sheriff of that shire, temp. Robert Bruce.

The Urquharts derive their name from the Urquhart in the old sheriffdom of Cromany and although of minor importance are of ancient origin. The famous Sir Thomas Urquhart compiled his own genealogy and described himself as the 143rd in direct descent from Adam & Eve !

William Urquhart, Sheriff of Cromarty, at the beginning of the 14th century married a daughter of Hugh, Earl of Ross, and his son Adam added considerably to the family possessions.  Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty, who married Helen, daughter of Lord Abernethy, is alleged to have been the father of twenty-five sons, seven of whom were killed at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547. The eldest son, Alexander, received a charter in 1532 from James V granting him lands in Ross-shire and Inverness-shire. Alexander's son John, of Craigfintry and Culbo, was tutor to his grandnephew, Sir Thomas, and is the " Tutour of Cromartie " named  in the Roll of Landlords, 1587. Sir Thomas Cromarty, the famous writer and cavalier century, was notable chiefly for his translation of Rabelais, and for his epigrams. Col. James Urquhart. who died in 1741, was the last of the male line.

The chiefship passed to the Urquharts of Meldrum who are descended from John, the Tutor of Cromarty, who obtained the lands of Meldrum by his marriage with Elizabeth Seton. The chiefship became dormant in 1898.

Urquhart, David (1805-77) of Cromarty. Diplomat, writer and politician. Founded the Free Press afterwards called Diplomatic Review. Wrote The Pillars of Hercules (1850) in which he suggested the introduction of Turkish Baths into Britain.

Urquhart, Robert (1922-) of Ullapool. Actor with numerous appearances on stage, film and radio. Films Inc., Only Young Twice, Knights of the Round Table and The Curse of Frankenstein.

Urquhart, Sir Robert W. (1896-) educ. Aberdeen. Appointed Inspector-General of HM Consular Establishments in 1945, Minister at Washington (1947), at Shanghai (1948-50) and Brit. Ambassador to Venezuela (1951-55).

Urquhart, Sir Thomas (1611-60) of Cromarty. Author and devoted warrior for Charles I and Charles II. Known for his brilliant translation Rabelais. Said to have died from a fit of laughter on hearing of the restoration of Charles II.

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